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June 2017

Prepped and Ready for the Upcoming Event of the Summer
The past few months at the ASP were filled with creating and shipping out hundreds of kits and outreach materials, along with providing webinar and in-person training sessions, all in preparation for the total solar eclipse, August 21, 2017. This issue shares with you our efforts to get the right tools to our education and outreach practitioners before they hold solar eclipse events. You'll also discover opportunities to help create a Megamovie of the total eclipse and prepare yourself for how best to view this spectacular event. 
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ASP @ Work
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Eclipse Megamovie Looking for More Photographers!
The ASP will provide training to hundreds of volunteer photographers, amateur astronomers, and the public along the path of totality following the Moon's shadow.

The Eclipse Megamovie is still recruiting more volunteers. If you'll be on the eclipse path of totality on August 21st, you'll want to be part of this first-of-its-kind citizen science project, imaging totality and creating a movie of the eclipsed Sun over 90 minutes. Sign up.

If you need to update your photography equipment, our partners at B&H have created photography kits -- from basic to all the bells and whistles -- that will allow you to photograph the eclipse with ease.

In partnership with Google, UC Berkeley and seven other organizations, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is helping to create the Eclipse Megamovie 2017! This first-of-its-kind project will gather images and video of the 2017 North American Solar Eclipse from hundreds of volunteer photographers, amateur astronomers and the public along the path of totality following the Moon's shadow in 93 minutes. These real-time images will be stitched together to create a high-definition, time-expanded video of the total solar eclipse.

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ASP Prepares Teachers for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse
The ASP Teacher Learning Center, in its efforts to support the K-12 educators working the classrooms as well as those who provide professional development, gave the opportunity for some 200 teachers to participate in the informal science community share-a-thon at the 2017 National Science Teachers Association national conference on science education in Los Angeles. Brian Kruse, Director of the ASP Teacher Learning Center, also conducted several half-day workshops on the upcoming solar eclipse for teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, and Stockton, California.

Supporting even younger children and their families, Anna Hurst, the ASP's Director of Museum, Park, and Library Programs, participated in a panel presentation, "The 2017 Eclipse: Tools for Engaging Young Scientists," at InterActivity, the annual conference of the Association of Children's Museums, in Pasadena, California, on May 4. Panelists provided children's museum educators with information, tools, and resources for hosting eclipse programming for young children and their families.
Girl Scout wearing solar viewers at Bridging event
Bringing Astronomy to the Girl Scouts
The ASP, in order to increase exposure of girls to the thrill of science and strengthen their confidence in their abilities, shared astronomy with young 4th and 5th grade Girl Scouts at the Golden Gate Bridging event on April 29, 2017. To support our local council and partner, Girl Scouts of Northern California, the ASP booth offered eclipse information and EarthMatch, a new card game about imagery from space. Learn more about this program. 

Sun Funnel on telescope
ASP Went to Maker Faire Bay Area for the First Time!
In the spirit of meeting people who are curious and enjoy learning and sharing what they do, we brought our solar telescope, eclipse models, Sunspotter, safe solar glasses, and an innovative Sun funnel to share ways to safely view the Sun and prepare for the upcoming August 21st solar eclipse. Children (and a few creative adults) made UV bead bracelets and watched their adornments turn color when exposed to direct sunlight. We sold many safe solar viewers to a safety-conscious audience. Visit our AstroShop if you want to be ready for the solar eclipse and view safely.  
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ASP Eclipse Resources
Do you know the best viewing locations for totality of the solar eclipse? Would you like to learn how best to demonstrate why a solar eclipse happens? Find out how and lots more on our 2017 Solar Eclipse Resources web page. Read more. 
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Save the Dates!
Moonrise Hotel
ASP's 129th Annual Meeting -- December 5-8, 2017
ASP's 2017 Annual Meeting will be held December 5-8 in St. Louis, Missouri at the Moonrise Hotel. Sign up for notification of more information and when registration opens.
ASP staff and Board members at Gala
ASP Annual Awards Gala -- October 28, 2017
On Saturday, October 28, 2017, the ASP will present the prestigious Bruce Medal and other awards at the 2017 ASP Annual Awards Gala in Burlingame, California. More information about tickets coming soon.

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Spaces Still Available! Summer Astronomy Institute July 31-August 3
Don't miss out! There is still room to sign up for the ASP's annual four-day Summer Astronomy Institute for teachers taking place July 31-August 3 at ASP headquarters in San Francisco. ASP staff will actively engage participating teachers in space science investigations to build both their content knowledge and pedagogical skills for developing and facilitating classroom instruction. Thanks to a new grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, participating teachers will receive a classroom set of 24 Galileoscopes, along with professional development on how to incorporate them into their classrooms. 

There is still plenty of room in the Institute for teachers. Scholarships are available for teachers to attend and participate. Registration and scholarshop application. 
Staff Product Pick
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Safe Solar Viewers
Our staff educators use many of the materials we offer in the ASP's AstroShop, and some are their favorite teaching tools. While preparing for the August 21st solar eclipse, all of our staff have been busy testing our safe solar viewers. Hands down these are the safest, longest lasting, and most perfectly priced viewers to own at $19.95 each!
These Wrap-Around and Folding Solar Glasses are perfect for safe solar viewing, especially for the upcoming solar eclipse in August. The folding pair works best for eyeglass wearers and the other wraps around the face for full coverage. These are durable and long-lasting, so be sure to pass them around and share with others! 
-- Vivian White, Educator
Looking for Solar Eclipse Products?
Shop for our best-selling eclipse products, such as the popular Lunt SUNoculars , Sunspotter Scope, the new Single Eclipse Activity and Deluxe Outreach Eclipse Kits at the 2017 Solar Eclipse Shop. All proceeds from purchases at the ASP's online AstroShop go back into our programs!
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