What is the ECC Insider?
The ECC Insider is designed for United Way's employee campaign coordinators (ECCs), to give you tips and resources to make your campaign a success. You can see our collection of these and other resources in our Campaign Toolkit.
Campaign Wrap-Up
Reach Out to United Way

As your campaign starts to wind down, now is the time to contact your United Way account holder. We want to ensure you have everything you need to successfully close your campaign and to keep our campaign projections accurate.

Campaign Envelopes

Make sure to fill out your campaign envelopes completely and turn them in to United Way when you complete your campaign. This includes:
  • Filling out the top completely, including employee numbers and donation totals.
  • Signing, dating, sealing and copying the envelope.
  • Contacting United Way for additional envelopes if you need to submit more than 50 pledges.

If you have questions, check the back of the envelope for instructions, or reach out to your account holder for assistance.

Keep your employees engaged with United Way

The end of your campaign isn't the end of your partnership with United Way! There are still plenty of other ways to stay involved with United Way, such as:

Thank Your Contributors

It sounds simple, but thanking all those who contributed to funding and running your campaign is crucial. Your donors are funding critical services throughout our community, and they need to know how powerful their support is.

Let your supporters know how much money they helped raise and why you appreciate their efforts. United Way could not fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community without the efforts of everyone in your campaign to Live United.

Ideas for showing your thanks include:
  • Send a company-wide thank-you email announcing the campaign results.
  • Ask leadership to personally thank those who helped.
  • Recognize all United Way contributors through a newsletter or staff meeting announcement.
  • Provide "I Donated" stickers, prize drawings or other participation goodies.

Get Involved with United Way of Racine County

Our impact tours are free, 30-minute lunch and learns where you can see firsthand the impact and day-to-day work of us and our partners.

Third week of the month, noon to 12:30 p.m.

Tools for Success