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Mile High Muse May 2021
Real Estate Trends: Multi Generational Housing
Is it time?
What exactly is Multi-Generational Housing?

It can have a variety of definitions depending on who you ask. The US Census defines multigenerational as three or more generations living at a residence. This is usually grandparents, their kids, and their grandkids.

This trend used to be the norm, back in the early 20th century. Then it became some thing you hardly do - it seemed to be a negative if you had to live with another generation in your family.

This lifestyle can be one of necessity. Perhaps an aging parent is alone, or unable to care for themselves. Maybe a parent is lonely and can help to care for grandkids while their mom and dad are working.

These arrangements can be beneficial to everyone. It can save money, create convenience and allow generations to get to know each other better and be able to share experiences. This situation can combat loneliness and give everyone more security.

Of course, living with more than one generation requires adjustment and even patience. It may not be for everyone, but it is an option, and an option that can help to bond families and create connection.
What smells do you look forward to as signs of spring soon to be summer?
Freshly cut grass
Lilacs blooming
The smells of spring !
Do you love lilacs?
The smell is nostalgic and unmistakable. I look forward to this every year and enjoy the scent as it wafts through the early morning air while roaming through my neighborhood.

What do you look forward to at this time of year?

Drink your veggies!
Pros and cons of drinking your veggies instead of eating them.

Blending veggies or breaking them down before eating them saves your body one step in digestion. So, this means instead of eating your veggies, by drinking them, getting your daily nutrition can save your body some effort and still reap some benefits. It is widely accepted that eating actual food for nutrients rather than taking them in pill form, is a much better way to get the most from your food. Supplements are not regulated, but if you eat a carrot, you know it's a carrot, and as. a result, what food value it has.
Some veggies are very fibrous and hard to digest, so if you blend them, it is easier on your stomach and you still get the nutrition. In addition, you can easily take it with you on the run. This habit may not be the best, but reality in our lives these days is we are often in a hurry. It is still important, maybe more so, to eat healthfully. Blend up a smoothie and boost your energy for hours!
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Favorite Cocktail
The Cosmo!
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Penny and Piper Interiors
Rachel Biasi, Designer
Kyle Callahan, Operations

Penny + Piper Interiors began as a passion for design, and it has evolved into a full-time pursuit. We’re constantly staying on top of market trends, bringing a fresh, design-forward look to all of our work. For every project, Penny + Piper operates based on our two main goals:
  1. Creating beautiful spaces that complement the main selling points of the home
  2. Maximizing the return on investment for our clients
We provide staging consultations as well as vacant and owner-occupied home staging.

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