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Feb. 19
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Potatoes & Onions

It's that time of year again.  Believe it or not, we will receive our seed potatoes and onion sets this week at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  Onion sets we will receive are Yellow Granex, White Granex, 10-15 Y, White Bermuda, and Sweet Red.  For seed potatoes we will have Red Lasoda/Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold, and White Kennebec.  Questions?  Give us a call at 903-882-3361.
Valentine's Day: Syrups for Your Sweetie

Made locally in East Texas, pick up Ferrell's syrups in our store for your sweetie. We have Sorghum molasses, ribbon cane, moonshine pancake syrup and maple flavored waffle syrup. Try substituting these syrups in some of your recipes. Pecan pie using Moonshine pancake syrup is super yummy!
February 2016

We're getting ready for spring at the store! We have seed potatoes and onion sets, strawberry plants coming, and baby chicks will arrive this month! Read more about them below.

Don't forget your sweetie on Valentine Day's. We have greeting cards, yummy Ferrell's syrups, and more inside our store.

Can you believe it has been 2 years since Jimmy wrote his first blog? For this anniversary, and because we have so many new readers as our subscribers have grown, we've decided to rerun his blog from February 2014 below. Enjoy it! Jimmy's thoughts and humor will be back next month.

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Jimmy's Pharm Facts :: It's Been 2 Years!
February 2016 is the 2 year anniversary of Jimmy's very first blog, so we're reprinting his blog from February 2014. Enjoy! ... While eating Sunday lunch a few weeks ago, my daughter informed me that I was going to start a blog.  "A what?" I asked.  "A blog", she replied.  "A what", I asked.  "A blog!" she said again.   After seesawing back and forth with "A what" and "A blog", in exasperation, she finally said, "Let's Google it".  Since Google is my wife's best friend, I knew exactly what she was talking about!  I learned that a blog is basically writing a story, sharing my opinion, or maybe passing on a tidbit of information that I have learned throughout the years and posting it, in some form, on the internet.  With pencil in hand, after having a momentary flash back    ...

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February :: Featured Item of the Week

Every week in February, we highlight one of our favorite products at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply!  Each featured product is something you may need now as we look forward to spring, chicks arriving, getting outside in the sunshine, or it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about!  Here are our Featured Items of the Week for February:  February 1 - Hi-Yield Pre-Emergent  - Now is the time to apply a pre-emergent weed control to your yard to prevent spring weeds and stickers.  Want an easy way to remember when to apply pre-emergent?  It needs to be applied twice, around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, basically mid-February and mid-May to be most effective.  Hi-Yield Turf . ...

Chick Days 2016!
Chick Days 2016! It's that time of year! Our store will be filled with the sounds of chirping chicks. Baby chicks start arriving on February 19 at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  Our first order will contain: Araucana pullets, Australorp pullets. On March 4 we will receive: Rhode Island Red pullets , Barred Rock pullets , Silver-laced Wyandotte pullets , Buff Orpington pullets. We'll have everything you need for your new baby chicks including chick starter feed from Lone Star and Texas Naturals (non-GMO and all natural).  Don't forget heat lamps, bulbs, waterers, feeders...we have everything you need for your new flock.  Call us at 903-882-3361 or stop in for more information on chick breeds and expected delivery dates.

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