It’s go time! As the snow thaws across the country, we know that many industries are entering their start up season. Seasonal work can bring with it many new challenges and hazards. Whether your company has a spring start-up or not, are you ready for a spring of workplace safety? 
Families forever changed
Many Threads of Life families have one question they ask themselves after a workplace tragedy changes their lives forever: “what if?”. Marleen Pitruzzella knows how easy it can be to play the “what if” game. After her dad, Leo, died when he was struck by a truck at the paving job he loved, she played this game for a number of years. She finally realized that asking “what if” wouldn’t bring her dad back—so she began instead asking “what would he do?”. 
We can make the choice to keep our workplaces safe every day, by switching our own “what ifs” to “what woulds”.  “What if workplace tragedies didn’t happen” can become “what would I do to be safe at my job today?”.
Lighting the way
Each one of our Steps for Life national sponsors helps light the way to a shift in safety culture. This year, a new national sponsor is helping that light shine brighter! Modu-Loc has joined our Steps for Life family and will bringing their core values of family, well-being, safety, and accountability to walks across Canada. Thank you, Modu-Loc for committing to families of workplace tragedy! We couldn’t be more excited to walk with you in 2019. 
Why you should participate in the Steps for Life Team Challenge!
Last month, we gave you a taste of what our Steps for Life Team Challenge is all about. If you’re still on the fence about joining, it’s not too late! Here are the top 5 reasons your workplace should register a team for the Team Challenge:

  1. Supporting families: when your workplace participates in the Team Challenge, you’ll be supporting families living with the aftermath of workplace tragedy. You’ll be providing families living with the outcome of fatalities, life-altering injuries, and occupational diseases with hope and healing through Threads of Life programs.
  2. Team building: nothing brings people together like supporting a good cause, banding together to reach a common goal, and getting out of the office!
  3. Healthy competition: does your workplace have branches across Canada? There’s nothing wrong with getting a little competition going to see which branch can raise the most!
  4. Fresh, spring air: spring will come one of these days! What better way to get out and enjoy nature than walking through your community in good company for a good cause?
  5. Raising awareness: each year, thousands of walkers across Canada in yellow t-shirts show communities how important workplace health and safety is and show families of workplace they aren’t alone. Will you join them in 2019?
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