#ANADWeek 2017 is Here! 
Get Socially Active This #ANADWeek by Following the 2017 Guide
  To celebrate National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2017, the National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders (ANAD) invites you to participate in five days of activities. Each day this week is geared to help you challenge preconceived notions of beauty. ANAD asks you to consider the fact that beauty is only skin deep, that your worth surpasses the reflection you see in the mirror, and that discovering a definition of true beauty is your personal right. In a world where the only standards of beauty are those you, yourself create, eating disorders cease and true hope arises.

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#ANADWeek 2017 In Review
MAKEUPLESS MONDAY: Do you find it hard to go a day without wearing makeup? Do you think that you be treated differently or not be as attractive without makeup? This Monday show the world that you're beautiful whether you wear mak
TRASH YOUR INSECURITIES TUESDAY: How often do your insecurities about how you look and your self worth interfere with how you life your life?  Get your throwing arm ready this Tuesday! 
 YOU'RE BETTER THAN BARBIE WEDNESDAY: This Wednesday, take back your own ideas about beauty from the thin idealized version that Barbie supports. 
POST IT UP THURSDAY: Learn the power that one body positive post it note can have on you and others this Thursday. 

This Friday, learn about how Arianna Huffington, the creator of the Pulitzer-prize winning online news blog, The Huffington Post, embraced and mastered her fear and insecurities about her own appearance and then shared that courage with her daughters in her book On Becoming Fearless. 

We are HUGE FANS of this book at ANAD!
ANAD's New Recovery Mentor Support Service is our Most Popular so Far! 
We're a little surprised with how popular this new ANAD support service is, but it does reaffirm one of our core beliefs at ANAD, that one of the best ways to find recovery is to be surrounded by others who have been in recovery for a long time.

Because of how popular this support service has become, we need more Recovery Mentors. Right now we have 3 times as many mentees signed up as we do mentors. Most of our mentors currently mentor 2 mentees, but there are still mentees waiting for the support of someone with a lot of recovery experience.

If you have been eating disorder behavior free for two or more years, and you're interested in giving back to someone in recovery, please apply to be a mentor today! 
And Just in Case You Needed Something Else to Give You Hope for Your Recovery...
We were thrilled to learn about this recent study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators "that, contrary to what is often believed, around two thirds of women with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa will eventually recover from their eating disorders." You can Read more here. 
ANAD's 2017 Conference is Coming this Fall! 
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ANAD Encouragement Level Partner
Many Thanks to ANAD's 2017 Treatment Center Partners! 
We just want to give a BIG THANK YOU to our new ANAD Treatment Center Partners for 2017. We are impressed with your extensive knowledge and experience of eating disorder professional care, and we greatly value partnering with you this year! 
We have limited ANAD Treatment Center Partnership spots left. If you are interested in learning more about ANAD's new, updated, and exciting benefits for treatment center partners, please contact laura.zinger@anad.org
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 All of the funds that ANAD receives goes directly back into our organization and is spent on hiring high quality and well trained staff who are instrumental in managing and maintaining our free support services. Our free support services directly help people recovery from eating disorders and move on to live high quality, incredible lives worth living. resources.