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Nov 2019 Edition
Welcome to Scitech's Neuroscience newsletter.
The main focus of this newsletter is to introduce new products and technologies relevant to Neuroscience Research.  Scitech offers complete ephys rigs  and solutions directly tailored to your research projects. 
Scitech will be exhibiting at the ANS 2019 conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide from 2-5 Dec 2019. Please visit Scitech at Booth 12 to see some of the latest technologies and how they are designed to help facilitate your neuroscience research. 
Scientifica has  developed premium scientific equipment to enhance the research of neurons, neuronal circuits and animal behaviour. The product range has expanded to include high quality, cost-effective instruments for applications in electrophysiology, patch clamp, multiphoton imaging and optogenetics studies.
Products include:-  

Electrophysiology rigs

Multi Photon Imaging

Optogenetics and Uncaging



Stages and Platforms

Control Options


Temperature Control   





Scientifica product range brochure: Click to see a summary of their products  

MicroFlex Array Channels
Blackrock Microsystems focuses on helping researchers achieve excellence in neuroscience, neural engineering, ephys research and neural prosthetics.  
CerePlex ยต - Digital Headstage for neural recording of animal behaviour
Major product categories include:-
  • DAQ systems including Cerebus, NeuroPort and Cereplex direct
  • Stimulation systems - CereStim 96
  • Ephys electrodes - Utah Array, Utah Slant Array, Utah Rodent Array, Neuroport Array, Microflex Array
  • Headstages - Analogue and Digital
  • Behavioural systems - Video tracking, Virtual Reality Jetball, qOMR
  • Analysis software - BOSS, NeuroExplorer and MATLAB

The HT-2 series opens a new era of 3D correlative imaging, and is the world's first microscopy unit to effectively combine holotomography and 3D fluorescence imaging. Capable of simultaneously capturing high-resolution 3D optical diffraction tomography and 3D fluorescence images, the microscope enables long-term tracking of specific targets in live cells while minimising stress.

MBF Bioscience's article on automated mouse brain navigation technology made the cover of a special imaging issue of the Journal of Comparative Neurology.
NeuroInfo software automatically registers histological mouse brain sections, and associated annotations and data, to the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas.
By doing so, NeuroInfo helps in solving the long-standing problem faced by researchers investigating experimental mouse brain sections under a light microscope-that of correctly identifying the distinct brain regions contained within the experimental mouse brain sections.
Zebrafish Image 
The BioCAM DupleX from 3Brain is a fully bi-directional microelectrode array platform for 2D and 3D in vitro electrophysiology. Its bidirectional capabilities allow researchers to simultaneously record high-density electrophysiological data at 18 kHz and induce electrical stimulation at any of the 4,096 microelectrodes. In addition to this micrometre-precise electrical stimulation, active and passive light shielding allows the use of ontogenetic tools without affecting chip functionality.

Luxendo - LCS SPIM:the light sheet microscope for large cleared samples     
The LCS SPIM is the latest cost-effective solution for cleared sample imaging.  
A quartz crystal cuvette, available in different lengths, facilitates mounting of large, delicate samples. The specimen is simply introduced into the cuvette filled with the clearing solution. The motorized sample stage for positioning and stack acquisition as well as the programmable optics concept for fast 3D scanning of the light-sheet through the sample ensure that the sample remains unperturbed during the imaging experiment while achieving the highest acquisition speed.
  • imaging of large cleared-tissue samples, e.g. whole mouse brains to visualize complete neuronal and vascular networks
  • microscopy of cleared organs or thick tissue samples
  • developmental biology studies
  • cancer research

In Vivo Optogenetic Control of Zebrafish Larva Using Polygon Illuminator
The Polygon1000 from Mightex provides the same features and reliability as the Polygon400 (currently used in 300+ labs worldwide and published within 35+ publications), however has improved design for more intricate photo stimulation experiments.
Key Features:
  • 1 million pixel count
  • 4ms loading frame time enabling virtual real-time pattern illumination for closed-loop experiments
  • 6600 fps compared to 4000 fps, means enhanced temporal resolution for advanced physiologically relevant experiments and virtual simultaneous 2-colour illumination of distinct ROIs
  • Larger DMD chip
  • 45% increased power-density at sample level
  • UV to visible range illumination
  • Interchangeable front tube optics enabling better trade-off between FoV and spatial resolution

The Crest Optics X Light V3 is the next generation of X-Light spinning disk confocal systems . Integrating cutting-edge technology, it has been engineered to meet the high-end specifications of modern fluorescence microscopy applications. It is the first confocal unit to allow for dual camera imaging at the full field of view of 25mm on both cameras.  It allows a 400-750nm spectral range and is the fastest spinning disk with 15.000 rpm rotation speed, up to kHz range.  
Supported Software solutions: Metamorph, Nis-Elements, Micromanager, Volocity and Visiview

The Kinetix back-illuminated sCMOS camera from Teledyne Photometrics combines 95% quantum efficiency with a low 1.2 e- read noise to deliver the most sensitive sCMOS camera at over 400 frames per second. The camera delivers ultra fast speed and the largest field of view with the most balanced pixel size. This makes it the camera of choice in fluorescence microscopy, high content imaging, biochip, microarray and genomic applications.


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