March 5th is International CVS Awareness Day
With International Awareness day just around the corner, March 5th, several locations will be lighting up blue in recognition of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board has agreed to light up Niagara Falls with blue in support of raising awareness of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome!
Don't live near by Niagara Falls but want to see it light up blue? You can watch it light up live here:

Should you choose to view this event in person, please follow public health guidelines for visiting.

Follow our social media channels to be notified about any updates.

**Please note that all Illumination times are approximate and is subject to change according to light conditions.

Are any of these by you?

  • Zakim Bridge (MA) - 3/5/22
  • Longfellow Bridge (MA) - 3/5/22
  • Fore River Bridge (MA) - 3/5/22
  • Burns Bridge (MA) - 3/5/22
  • Gilbert Water Tower (AZ) - 3/4/22 to 3/6/22
  • Skydance Bridge (OK) - 3/5/22
  • Capella Tower (MN) - 3/5/2022
  • Niagara Falls (US & Canada) - 3/5/22
  • High Level Bridge (Edmonton, Canada) - 3/5/22

These locations are going to be lit up blue too! If you are going to any of these in person, don't forget to take pictures and share them with CVSA!

Thank you very much to everyone who helped get places to light up for CVS Awareness Day. Your contributions are greatly and genuinely appreciated.

For more information and additions check the following link:
Want to Participate in International Awareness Day?

  • Light up your porch blue.
  • Share this event on your social media channels
  • Tag CVSA and use the hashtag #LightupCVSAwareness on social media
  • Wear blue: a blue ribbon, shirt, mask, etc.
  • Dye your hair blue.
  • Present information to classes or medical groups, like taking pamphlets or brochures to doctors and ER waiting rooms.
  • Volunteer for groups that are raising awareness and education for CVS.
  • Donate to groups raising awareness and education for CVS.
  • Host a local meet-up or fundraiser with social distancing precautions.

Curious to see what other people have done to raise awareness? See Here.

Your participation makes the difference!
Become part of the clinical trials for the first ever medication developed to treat CVS and help change the future of CVS treatment.
Here are a couple of reasons that you should consider becoming part of the process:
  1. Your involvement helps researchers and scientists gain more of an understanding of cyclic vomiting syndrome and how to help patients.
  2. It gives access to cutting-edge treatment options.
If you would like to participate in this study, please check the clinical trials website
periodically, as additional clinical trial sites will be added as they are ready to start enrolling patients.

**Please note: All requests for more information or questions regarding the trials need to be directed to the trial website listed above.**
Want to help raise and spread awareness of CVS Year Round?

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The support call is the place to be.
Thank you to all of whom have set up fundraisers on Facebook with Facebook Donations!

Please note that due to Facebook's algorithms and privacy restrictions, CVSA is unable to determine the dates that fundraisers take place.

Check out our fundraising page for ideas.