Picture Week is April 25-April 29

Dear Fabulous FootNotes Families, 

Picture week is just around the corner! But first, don't forget we are closed for Spring Break Monday, April 5th- Saturday, April 11th.

The dates for Picture Days are Sunday, April 25th-Thursday, April 29th. A schedule of class picture times was emailed last week, is posted and can be found below. You must come at your class's scheduled PHOTO time for the group picture. It is not necessarily the same time as your weekly class time. 

There will be NO CLASSES the week of pictures! 

  • Attendance is mandatory for all students as these are the class group pictures that go in the recital program as well as on the wall composite. You are not required to purchase anything unless you would like to be posed for an individual during your class's time slot. You can make a deposit online at ( to have an individual photo taken of your dancer in costume!
  • Arrive on time. We've got a tight schedule to stick to and there are no make up picture times.
  • Students should arrive in FULL COSTUME. This means required tights and shoes and HAIRSTYLE. You received an email with a picture of each of your class's costumes and the listed REQUIRED tights and shoes, as well as hairstyle. The model's hairstyle that is in the picture of the costume is NOT the required hairstyle. Please refer to the list on that page for the requirements for that class. 
  • Be sure all your costume pieces are labeled. 
  • We carry all required shoes and tights except for HipHop sneakers. If your child does not have the correct tights, we will give them a pair and bill your account. 
  • Acro students need footless, not transitional, tights.
  • Please make sure tights are new and shoes are free of scuffs. 
  • We suggest light makeup for pictures.
  • Remove all fingernail and toe polish.
  • All CLASSES must wear their hair as stated in the listed requirement. 


Recital Flowers and Trophies will be available for pre-order through The Vibe Performance Company during picture week. 

VISIT for all RelevePHOTO info

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