Preparing for our Birthday Celebrations on 14 July
Good Morning Sunshine

Saturday 14 July is just round the corner, promising to be a day filled with fun as we celebrate our 12th Birthday with style.

To help with the celebrations, our Exhibitors have planned a enlightening talks as they share their knowledge with you.

Remember, winners must be present for the draw that takes place around 3:30pm

Looking forward to seeing you as we celebrate our birthday on 14 July

Love and light
Energy Healing with Life Alignment
with Ingrid Veit and Alex Edgar
These dynamic duo are teaming up for a powerful demonstration on energy healing and the human energy field. Hints and tips on how to measure your energy field and strengthen it to improve life. These charismatic healers will introduce and demonstrate the potent healing modality Life Alignment. This healing technique guides you to explore your own access to healing energy, and working through the mental or emotional blockages preventing or distorting the flow of energy in your field and life.
The Influence of Past Lives
with Priscilla
Past lives, how they impact on our daily lives and what we can do about them.
This talk will cover the five Archetypal Images I use the most and how they relate to the five daily senses, and using this information to acknowledge past hurts and damage, thus opening the way for healing to take place.
Between where we are, and where we are going, the path of destiny is paved with many lives, countless experiences, loves found and lost, homelands dear and haunting.
Healthy and Sensible Eating Habits
with Maeve
The role of a mother and indeed all women in nurturing and nourishing themselves and their families is crucial. Let us look at ways that we can put the 'Mother' back into our food.
Something that affects us all, we say we do, but do we? What is healthy eating? What constitutes healthy food? Do eating timetables play a role? Avoiding certain food groups advisable? These and many more questions will be answered in this talk.
In this on-going popular talk, Maeve will address a different topic every month
Evolve Beyond the Matrix
An Ancient Path to Paradise
with David Brown
We live in the most amazing universe which is very much like a massive computer program I wish to explain to you all how this program works and how best to live with in that program. And how to alter our state of being so we can live in harmony with the Universe. How to create Paradise in our inner world so we can live in PARADISE in the material world. The healing journey is found in the picture of Rebis which means the great work is complete. I will explain this journey.
with Maeve
I used visualizations as one of my most powerful tools in clearing my body of cancer and prolapsed organs in 2003. I continue this practice in healing my body, emotions and Soul. It is a simple and powerful tool in assisting us to heal and move towards inner peace and outer happiness. I look forward to sharing this practice with you.
Every month will Maeve will work with a different issue.
Crystals for Healing Animals
with Heidi
Using crystals for healing pets and animals can produce quick results. 
Don’t be embarrassed about using crystals and energy to help your pet. The practice is becoming common place these days as more and more people use natural methods to maintain their own health and well-being.
Mother nature has created everything that man needs to nourish, grow and live on joyfully. Crystals are nothing but the elixir from Mother Nature. When used appropriately, a crystal that bonds with your dog can nurture your baby unlike any training, toy or treat.
Judging of Potjiekos Competition Begins
We are looking for judges. You be the Judge. You decide which pot served the best food. The choice is yours. Sample the various cuisines from our famous potjiekos chefs and YOU pick the winner.
Prize for best potjiekos and prize for Judge too.
Competition Winners Announced
Draw for Wishing Well Competition and Spot the Odd One Out Competition, Birthday Raffle and Potjiekos Competition will take place and ALL Winners will be announced. Ending off with The Wishing Well Ceremony that will add the final touch to our amazing day.
Closing Ceremony
Join us in a solemn moment of gratitude for the day. A moment of silence is requested as we extinguish the candle of light to be re-lit at the next Holistic Fayre.
Winners must be present for all draws