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June 2019 Edition
Save the Number, Save a Life!
Go to or text poison to 484848 to download Poison Control's contact info directly to your smartphone. Be prepared! Download and save the phone number and the link to online guidance for a suspected poisoning. Do it now!
Pool Chemical Safety
Pool chlorinating products are generally safe when handled properly. The key to avoiding injury at the pool is prevention! Make sure to follow all the safety rules at the pool and follow instructions for handling all pool chemicals.  Learn more...
Virginia Creeper & Wisteria Toxicity
Although they are pretty, Virginia creeper and wisteria can be harmful if they are chewed or swallowed. Both plants can cause mouth pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and should not be eaten.  Learn more...
An Intro to Tick-borne Diseases
There are several different kinds of bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases transmitted by ticks, and tick-borne diseases are on the rise. Prevention is key: do what you can to prevent them from having access to you. Learn more...
Are Cleaning Wipes Safe?
During the past decade, the use of cleaning wipes has increased substantially. Cleaning wipes are available for a variety of surfaces. Since they are meant to be used with bare hands, they are mostly water and are not commonly associated with toxicity.  Learn more...
Dementia Treatment Options and Risks
Several drugs can produce small improvements in Alzheimer's symptoms but do not stop or cure the disease. Adverse effects occur frequently, and evaluation in a healthcare facility is often necessary if a person takes too much.  Learn more...
That's right: we have a new podcast! We're kicking things off with six episodes about the opioid epidemic. Check out the first in the series, then take a short survey to let us know what you learned.  Listen here!
Two ways to get help for a poison emergency:

Both are free and confidential. Both provide expert guidance based on age, weight, and amount.