Are you ready to plow forward into 2021?
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Happy NEW YEAR! On Friday, February 12th we celebrated the Chinese New Year ~ the year of the Ox. We get another time of renewal, refocus, and rebirth. Join me TONIGHT, February 15th at 7pmEST on YouTube as Melissa Laborsky, MD with Indy Healing Center shares with us how to "Harness the Power & Wisdom of the Year of the Ox." I'll share how this Ox energy correlates with the numerology year number 5 (2+0+2+1 = 5).

As we're shifting energies, meditation helps by getting us grounded and in the present. It allows us to be proactive instead of reactive. If you'd like like assistance with your meditation practice, join us in the Meditation Café. And when you're ready to live from you heart, read below and learn how.

If you missed last week's discussion, "How to THRIVE this Valentine's Day," featuring Nora Zarvos a relationship coach, click here and you can catch-up! You're invited to join the discussion each Monday at 7pmEST on YouTube (subscribe to the channel and click on the bell to get notifications so you never miss another discussion!)

See you soon!

Sending you Much Love (and HUGS),
Karmen đź’ś

P.S. When was your last Angel Card reading? During a reading, you'll receive your monthly numerology too. Grab yours here.

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Live from Your Heart!
Are you feeling alone and wondering why something is happening to you? Would you like to be a part of a tribe of like-minded people? And would you like to truly live from your HEART instead of your mind (ego) allowing life to move with ease, grace, and joy?

Look no further! Receive support as you grow along your journey expanding into your space and feeling joyful.

Juicy goodies included in the membership:
  • Monthly teachings via video (SNEEK PEEK VIDEO BELOW)
  • PDF's taking you for a deeper dive into the teachings
  • Live Coaching 2x/month in a virtual group
  • Audio meditation
  • New Moon & Full Moon Card Readings
  • Teachings not shared anywhere else
  • Goodies include discounts on offerings and merchandise.

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Do you offer private sessions?
Recently, I've received this question a lot and the answer is -- YES!

So what do private sessions look like?

They cover a variety of topics/focus including:
  • ThetaHealing® Sessions
  • Live On Purpose course for your choice of 8 or 12 private sessions
  • Coaching sessions include mindset, help along your Spiritual journey, etc.

I prefer to connect via Zoom for all private sessions. Some of you may be asking, what's ThetaHealing®? A ThetaHealing® session allows us to see the new path or way, where we couldn’t see it before because the subconscious “program” was blocking it from our vision.

Prior to your private session, we'll have a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to uncover what you'd like to focus on during your private session. So grab your FREE Discovery Session by clicking the button below!

Feel Joyful, Abundant, and Inspired!
Feel joyful, abundant, and inspired as you start each day using this daily journal!

In this daily journal, you'll create over the next 3 months: 
• How you would like to feel, which is how we show up
• One focused goal or intention to focus on for 3 months
• Daily goals or intentions 
• Daily actions to accomplish these intentions

The daily journal also includes: 
• Numerology: your personal year and the energies of each month
• Receive a weekly Angel Card reading via video on our website 
• Coloring pages designed by JoHenna Design
• And MORE! 

Experience your goals in action! Everyday we’re co-creating through our thoughts and actions and this daily journal gives you the focus of intention to create your abundant, passionate purposeful life. Grab your copy by clicking the button below.
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