What? How is Thanksgiving NEXT week, and where has 2019 gone? It's the time of year where guests come in and out of spare rooms, pull-out couches (or sleeping bags on the floor!). Regardless of the sleeping arrangements, it's helpful to have guests feel welcome in your home. 

I have so much to be thankful for, including a wonderful family and a thriving business (and the second is thanks to YOU!). I have thoroughly enjoyed my maternity leave with my third child and I am happy to start 2020 off seeing the smiling faces of my clientele. Thank you for your continued support of EMPOWER! Professional Organizing. It's our pleasure to bring productivity and organization into your home and business. 
Creating a Great Guest Room
Making your guests feel welcome is a wonderful way to begin a visit. Whether your guests are staying for one night, or for an extended period of time, here are some tips to help them feel comfortable during their stay.
Desktop Power Strip with 3 Outlet 4 USB Ports
With 3 AC outlets and 4 smart USB ports, this charging station can support 7 electric devices simultaneously. The flat plug features a low profile which fits easily in tight spaces, like behind furniture, desks or anything close to the wall, and the right-angle design creates room for other plugs to share the outlet, increasing the usability of wall plugs.
How to deal with houseguests
There are times when you might find yourself with friends or family staying under your roof. Depending on the situation, you might be excited and happy about this–and a bit stressed out.
Holiday Planning Checklist
Whether you are a seasoned planning pro or want to adopt some new organizing tricks this holiday season, this checklist will help you shape your holiday season for the better (and not the bitter!). This list is less about adding more to your list, and more about prioritizing for your family, leaving more time for rest and enjoyment this holiday season.