Are you ready for repotting?
As the growing season arrives we look forward to that first indication our plants are ready to start growing again.

When asked what is the best time to repot orchids the answer we give is always "when they begin to grow new roots".

To help you prepare for your repotting needs we highly recommend a new item just added to our website, and another that has always been the most important weapon in our toolbox.
new root on phal
plant dibbers

Plant Dibbers

We recently discovered these Plant Dibbers and were amazed how useful they are when repotting our orchids.

They come in a set of four dibbers that are brightly colored making them easy to find when you need them. The dull tapered end is used to gently push your favorite media into the pot without damaging fragile plant roots. The flat end is perfect for removing heavily rooted plants by gently pushing it up thru the drainage hole.

We’ve never found a more useful tool when repotting our orchids and are excited to now offer these Plant Dibbers on our website.

Rhizome Clips

When orchids are wobbly and insecure they just don't root properly. These clips help secure plants by clamping onto the pot rim and exerting downward pressure toward the plant rhizomes.

The unique design of the Rhizome Clip shown here is made for tightly grabbing the edge of most plastic pots. We have another style that better fits terracotta pots.

Place the Rhizome Clip in a suitable spot where it won't damage the plant and then slide the uniquely designed clip down onto the pot. You'll find your plants root and establish much faster when they are held firmly in place.
Plastic Rhizone Clip
repotting photos

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