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Volume 1 Issue 8          August 2017
Happy birthday, iPhone!
As iPhone turns 10, Apple has some cool changes in store for fans of the phone. Rumored updates include an edge-to-edge display that eliminates top and bottom bezels, a display made of plastic OLED (making for a thinner phone that uses less power), wireless charging and facial recognition. Read more
What have you lost today?
Have you ever misplaced your keys? How about your phone? How much time have you spent today looking for something? As long as we're not referring to leaving an item in a taxi in a foreign city, check out Tile products--which allow you to 'ring' lost items from your phone. Pretty cool!
Are you ready for some football?
Yes, it's hard to believe, but fall is coming and with it a new lineup of TV shows, football, streaming series and movies on demand. Do you have a dedicated viewing room? Now is the time to plan for that home theater, no matter the size. Whether it's a small room upgraded for watching the game, or an unused large space transformed into your dream home theater, IDS can work with your vision and your budget.
Get smart about carbon monoxide
As the weather will start to change, we will start spending more time indoors. Bet you can't wait to get the fireplace started on that first crisp evening! Enjoy the toasty warmth, but be sure that you, your family and your pets are protected from carbon monoxide (CO). Read our latest blog post to learn how to protect you and your family
An affordable way to maintain your systems
If keeping your home technology systems up and running is important to you, let IDS help you maintain your electronic lifestyle and avoid significant down time. A Peace of Mind Service Plan will make sure those products keep performing like the day you purchased them!
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