Are you ready for summer?

Preparing now can insure that students will maintain their Rocket Math learning over the summer!

What you need to do now to make sure your students don't lose their math gains.  And what you'll need to do differently in the fall 
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Mrs Sherpe's 3rd grade has a bunch of SMARTY PANTS that have passed all of their Rocket Math .

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Video Clip of the Week
How do you set up the Individual Student Graph?

Rocket Math monitors progress with this graph of 2-minute timings!     

Rocket Math
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Rocket Math
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and for a 50% discount in Apple's Volume Purchase Plan for Education.
Question of the week
"For addition and subtraction, do students practice with sums through 12's or 18's?" 
(Something you may not have noticed on our website!)
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We have a page with information for the Purchasing folks for your school.  It has an order form, it has a W-9 form, it has a price list, and it even has a place to order a printed catalog.  

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