"Art At the Mill"
coming soon: April 27-May 12
"Family Fleet"
Mixed Media on board
20" X 20"
Trumpeter swan family with sketchbook doodles, fabric, texture from various gauges of sequin waste and other mark making tools create a painting full of visual interest .
Mixed Media on Canvas
20" X 20"
Color-Plated is reminiscent of all the fun times in Oklahoma when my brothers and their wives came to visit. We managed to catch one of these guys and got a good look! The females have triplets, same sex. Love the tidbits one learns when curiosity is aroused!

These two paintings and five others will be available at the mill.
"Barn Dance"
40" X 30" Mixed Media
Barns are a part of our history and our current culture depending on where you live. In the USA there are round barns, square barns, and everything in between. On this canvas, textured with various gauges of sequin waste, bubble wrap, plastic wrap and more are mountains, creeks, lakes to form a landscape sure to keep you engaged for years to come.  Available through:
 Zigzag Crafts Gallery & Shop
6477 Main Street
The Plains, Virginia 20198
Crafts Gallery & Shop
"Fresh Air"
11" X 16" mixed media
I grew up loving the woods around Stillwater, MN. One of my favorite spring flowers was the wild violet. My father could point out all the other growing flora and fauna by name. Walks with him meant discovery.
Available through Framecraft of Warrenton.

SUPER bright, radiant and warm is the spring sun! Even though our days on the ski slopes are cold, the temperature feels considerable warmer in the sun. In fact, you have to be careful because the sunny snow can act like a grabbing device on your skis! One of the hardest falls I ever took was straight forward over my skis that had stopped abruptly after traveling from shade to sun. Instead of leaning forward and charging down the hill you have to lean back and ride with the tips up to glide or switch to waxed racing skis. I won't even go into the different muscles this requires! Changing conditions, adapting to the UNEXPECTED , and making the best of what you have is a key principle to creating NEW work.

SUPPOSE you are ready to start a new series. You have just completed a big push for a large project or two, for me, the museum show is hanging and the commissions are all checked off except one.  HOW do you even "rev" yourself up to do anything? Taking a nap doesn't seem to be working.  INVESTIGATE what is bringing the sunshine into your life in this very moment like a young litter of puppies playing with their mama. Is it a NEW interest in an activity you have never participated in before? Is it a curiosity in the way the light hits objects at different times of the day or in different seasons? Is it an animal you have never considered before or an area you haven't EXPLORED . Is the something new an "artist's date" to the spring fair? Or is it something that stops you in your tracks and causes you to pause and consider like flying back into Dulles VA, looking down on a huge orange super moon?

Besides all this, there are many health benefits of SUNSHINE for us. Vitamin D known to help fight off depression, cancer and osteoporosis, is soaked in through our skin in just a few minutes of exposure each day. Ever hear of a "sunny disposition"? The result of time out in nature causes a feeling of well being and often encourages us to be more active which also leads to health and a sense of optimism.

Bottom line, simply take the next right step out into the SUNSHINE !
"And They're Off!"
20" X 20"

This painting was inspired by my pup Oliver, a border terrier, who has more energy than five of us and who does everything 110 percent, including running. His Mom just had another litter, should I get a little sister for him? (See results to the right)

Available (the painting, not my pup) through Hockaday Museum at the Mark Makers Show
"Lexi's 2nd litter"
click on the photo to see Mom and the pups at play

I know you all voted YES with my last blog but unfortunately my husband Jim's vote and all of our travels made me decided to pass on getting a second pup.

However, for a little dose of immediate giggles and SUNSHINE I went to see the litter. Enjoy the visit by clicking on this cutie who might have been mine.
Mark Makers Show
The Hockaday Museum February 28, -- May 26, 2019

There is still time to check out the show!
Just think, I'm only a third of the team of Mark Makers! This is a great show, I can't wait for you to see it!
SOLD "Whimsical Wren" 6" X 6"

Below: "Cherry Picker" 30" x 48"

The Mark Makers!
Sheri Trepina, Linda Hendrickson and Shelle Lindholm in Shelle's Studio.