It's almost time! FIRST Tech Challenge season is upon us, and we're fanning out to six Kickoff events to meet teams, present workshops, show off new parts, and join in the excitement of this new game release.  (It would've been 7, had Hurricane Irma not canceled Florida's Kickoff events.  Stay safe, friends!)

Next Monday, we'll begin shipping out FIRST RELIC RECOVERY field sets for teams that pre-ordered them, enough of them to fill multiple semi trailers!  Orders placed over the weekend and into the early part of next week will require a couple extra days to process, but we expect to be caught up later in the week.  Thank you for your patience as we get these awesome game sets to some very eager teams!
TileRunner: Competition-Proven Drive System for FTC

We introduced TileRunner last year as a simple way for FIRST Tech Challenge teams to get a reliable, adaptable drive system up and running in a hurry.  We saw several teams achieving great things with them during the VELOCITY VORTEX season, and even a couple teams that adopted them after being beaten by teams using them!

TileRunner was designed from the start to use our reliable PicoBox gearboxes and legendary NeveRest gearmotors to ensure it can handle a full season of worry-free operation.  With the drive system handled, teams can focus on other important parts of the build like manipulators, autonomous programming, or just getting to drive practice faster.

TileRunner comes as a kit of parts teams can assemble in many different ways to suit their design objectives. With multiple motor and superstructure mounting options, TileRunner is an excellent way to build your agile six-wheel-drive or mecanum drive system quickly.
New TileRunner GTO: Our fastest TileRunner yet!

While FIRST Tech Challenge fields are small, they're still big enough that teams often want more top speed to acquire game pieces or drive to the goal.  Our new TileRunner GTO gives you just that!

Take our standard TileRunner, then add four of the wildly popular NeveRest Orbital 20 gearmotors instead of the standard NeveRest Classic 40.  Then swap in a PicoBox GEO plate for compatibility with these advanced motors.  Add in black compound Stealth Wheels for a little extra grip, and you've got the fastest TileRunner we've ever made available to the public.  We think this is going to raise the bar for FTC drive systems this year!
spoiler alert
What's On Deal of the Day Next Week?

Since these deals will be in the start of the  FIRST RELIC RECOVERY season, we decided to clear out a few relics of our own!  Enjoy great savings on a few old game pieces as well as some excellent stock-up robot parts.

Tuesday 9/12:  4" DuraOmni Wheel (am-3047)
Wednesday 9/13:  6x12x4 Flanged Bearing (am-3377)  (as seen in TileRunner!)
Friday 9/15:  FR6ZZL-hex Bearing (am-0692)  (Use 3/8" hex? Get some of these!)
We're here to help!

If you have questions about our products, we're here five days a week with hundreds of years of combined FIRST  experience--don't hesitate to give us a call or an email .  Keep checking our  new products page  for fresh releases, and be sure to check each day for our Deal of the Day .  You never know when you're going to find a steal!