"Joyous Expressions"
at North Valley Hospital in Whitefish, MT
December 2018 & January 2019

My work is featured at North Valley Hospital in Whitefish, MT. Be sure to stop by to see the show and shop their amazing gift shop. All sales benefit the North Valley Hospital Foundation .

On the Lookout
57" X 12"
Snowy Owl on Snow Ghost tree in the Montana mountain landscape. Fabric, self carved stamps and blues represent the winter scene.
Clean Up Crew 35" X 10"
Snow ghosts and magpies, what could be more Montana? We have foggy, snowy days in the winter. Moisture builds on the evergreen trees and weighs them down until they are entirely white at which point we call them "snow ghosts." Always looking for food to scavenge the Magpie is a showy, large bird, intelligent and exciting to watch. I love their iridescence black/purple/blue wings and head providing a stark contrast to the white breast. Designs from my sketchbook add interest and shading to the birds suggesting the details.
"Christmas Pup" 7" X 11"
This year we have a new puppy, and even though he has a June birthday, and we've had him since August he is still our Christmas Present for 2018.
Members' Salon 2018
November 9,2018- Jan. 12, 2019

Each year the Hockaday Museum invites its member artists to display a single gem. "Fireweed" 11" X 11", framed
"Curly the Llama" is back. The second publication via Westwood Books is easier to obtain than ever. Just click on the image below to go to "Curly the Lama" by Joe Motheral on Amazon and it could be on your doorstep shortly!
"Highway" 12 X 12"

A sweet border collie found on a highway in West Virginia and rescued. This commission was created for the winner of a donation for the Oldies but Goodies Cocker Rescue Group.

"Gracie" 11" X 9"

Aussie-Doodle full of smarts, energy and spunk with a brown eye and partly blue eye. This special pup belongs to a great friend.

Order your pet's portrait for the holidays! Click here to send me an email to get the brush moving!
Mark Makers Show
at the Hockaday Museum coming February 28, -- May 2019
"Cherry Picker" 30" x 48"
Thank you for support, and encouragement!
Merry Christmas!