Join us on the water this summer!

Open for rentals beginning
Friday May 12th. 

Daily rentals $60
Weekend Rentals $110
Weekly rentals $225


Call or text us today to reserve your board 276-492-6901

Group paddles at South Holston Lake begin Sunday June 4th. 
Space is limited to 10 people.
Check out our NEW 2017 Inventory!

Hala Inflatable $1,299

Inhale the prana of the natural world and flow across the water with the stable and dynamic Hala Asana. Hala’s yoga SUP board gives yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and creative hearts the freedom to set their intention and satisfy their wanderlust.

Though it was designed with yoga in mind, our burly construction is rigged for adventure so you can ebb and flow through the gnarliest of whitewater and expeditions. In a straight-to-water package, you’ll have everything you need, including a Rival Aluminum travel paddle. Hop on an Asana and connect with the Self in a whole new way.

Pau Hana Oahu $1,249
The Oahu nose rider series combines art and function into a single board. It features a spooned-out nose, wide tail, and full rails making it an excellent all-around board for fun in the ocean, river, or lake. This board can be configured with single, thruster and quad setup, giving flexibility to match the board set-up to the conditions of the day.


  • Great all-around board for paddle surfing, flatwater, or anywhere in between
  • Customize fin setup to match water conditions
  • Beautiful to display
  • Deck pad designed to drain; has a soft grip and secure traction
Pau Hana Moon Mist $1,149
 The Pau Hana Moon Mist finds the perfect balance between stability and performance. Perfect for going through poses or ripping across the face of a wave, the Pau Hana Moon Mist is the one board to cover all bases for the adventurous yogi.

Thermal vacuum compressed, EPS core with epoxy resin, bamboo reinforcement on load bearing areas. All installed components are buttressed with high density Corebrace around the part. Self-regulating Goretex vent plug.

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