Happenings June 25, 2020
Understanding Sin
The following article on racism is by Tony Robinson, an outstanding theologian, pastor, national UCC leader and author. Within the piece are beautiful references to the impact that the Rev. John Wightman made on the author's teenage years. The entire article can be read in Robinson's blog by clicking on the button below.

How A Better, Biblical Understanding of Sin Can Help Us with Racism
by Tony Robinson
June 17, 2020

No one likes to be called “a racist.” No one appreciates being told, “you are a racist.” In the face of such accusations, we protest our innocence. We defend ourselves. We justify ourselves. “I’m not a racist.” “I’ve treated black people fairly, decently.” “I never use the N word.” “I have black friends and neighbors.”

And yet we are being told that racism is “systemic” in American society. And as such, “we are all racists.” Still, we protest. We are very much attached to the idea of our own virtue, our own innocence, our own goodness.

Can both be true? Can it be true that, “I am not a racist,” in the sense of using racial slurs or treating people as less than ourselves because of the color of the their skin? And yet that I am a racist because racism is demonic power that pervades American society (and not just American society).

Yes, both can be true. And a better, biblical, understanding of sin can help.
Hope and Grace on Sheffield's Green
This week, First Congregational Church of Sheffield and our other Sheffield Pride Partners put up this sign on the town green. To understand more about how we fit into this picture, please read Robinson's blog on racism by clicking on the red button above.
Understanding why it's our knee
We welcome to the pulpit, Belle Fox-Martin, who leads our Zoom worship for the next two Sundays. Read a provocative new poem of hers to see what she's thinking!
If you would like to join us for worship, email our moderator, Julie Hannum and she will connect you.
Do you rim your margarita glass with salt?
Join us for margaritas at our next Coffee/Cocktail Hour?
You provide the tequila and the Triple Sec, and the lime, and the ice, and the salt and we will provide the stimulating conversation starters.
Why not join us and see what you are missing.

Wednesdays at 5:00pm. Please email Julie Hannum if you are interested in attending.
Please help feed the hungry
The Sheffield Food Program
at Old Parish Church is feeding more hungry people.
Please make a small donation today
by clicking the button below:
Thank you for your ongoing support of the ministries of the church. They continue with love and purpose especially during this time of COVID-19.
Offerings are always welcome by mail:
PO Box 387, Sheffield, MA 01257
Help, Now, to Stamp Out Food Insecurity
Our summer Family Meals program has gotten a very slow start, as we are scrambling to make sure that every family who needs it receives their weekend meals. We are still not sure that there will be enough community support to provide the 45 Family Meals the school district has requested. Please help NOW!

There is more poverty and food insecurity in the five towns of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District than you might realize. COVID-19 has particularly adversely affected some of our local families. Please do what you can to support this important program.

Prepared by The Marketplace , t hese delicious Family Meals feed a family of four and go to those school families who need them most. We are sending these nutritious weekend meals to 45 families every Friday.

  • Please call the Marketplace today at 413-248-5040 (ext 2)
  • Order a School Family Meal and pay over the phone. (about $26 with tax.)
Support Local Agriculture
The Sheffield Farmers’ Market, in the Old Parish churchyard is a charming, spirit-filled New England farmtown market. Fridays 3:00 - 6:00

Great produce, local flowers, cheeses, eggs, scrumptious baked goods, delicious take-home meals, locally raised meats, live entertainment, and extraordinary salts!
We have new and safe ways for people to shop.
Please wear your mask.
We live in farming communities; and the focus on growing food and feeding the community has increased. Now, more than ever, we celebrate our rich and diverse agricultural heritage. Read more about our farms below.
Pastor Jill will be taking Sabbatical time from Monday, June 22nd - Thursday, July 9th. 
Pastor Erik Karas will provide emergency pastoral care while she is away. 413-248-1231
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