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In this September newsletter we formally introduce our newest product:

BeHear SMARTO, a simple to operate body-worn personal sound amplifier.

As a BeHear subscriber we invite you to preorder SMARTO at a big discount.


  • "Situational hearing devices" trend explained by hearing aid blogger Geoffrey Cooling
  • BeHear hearing solutions now in French electronic retailer, Boulanger
  • "Life-changing" review from BeHear PROXY customer
  • Special discount on BeHear PROXY neck speaker and bundle

We hope your transition back to routine after the summer holidays includes better hearing. Let us know how we can help!

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Simple yet Powerful

SMARTO is a simple to operate body-worn personal sound amplifier with Bluetooth® connectivity. It will provide up to 70dB hearing boost and can be customized based on an existing hearing test or our integrated BeHear hearing assessment.

SMARTO will amplify and clarify live conversations, mobile and Internet calls, television programs, and music.

SMARTO is scheduled for commercial release in Q1/2022.

Limited quantities are currently available for preorder at a big discount! 

Follow this link for more info.

SMARTO preorder

What are "situational hearing devices"

and who needs them?

Geoffrey Cooling has been blogging about the hearing aid industry since 2007. In his latest post he presents various situational hearing solutions for people who have difficulty hearing in some areas of their life, but don't want or are not ready for hearing aids. Could this be you, or someone you care about?


To France with Love

In France, Boulanger is not just the French word for a baker, but it is also synonymous with high quality consumer electronics products. With more than 180 stores across France, Boulanger is the leading CE retailer. In recent years Boulanger created a new product category called “Silver-Tech”: innovative technology products that improve quality of life for seniors. 

It is a great honor for us that Boulanger has chosen to include BeHear solutions in select store locations. If you live in France, or are visiting, be sure to stop in to a Boulanger store where BeHear is sold. You will be able to check your hearing profile on the spot, using the BeHear Kiosk, and try out our hearing amplifiers for yourself.

List of Boulanger stores

"Life changing" hearing solution

Mrs. Frances Berga claims that the BeHear PROXY Personal TV Sound System changed her daily life.

Read her review; chances are you will identify with some of the challenges she was facing!


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