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The Year of Reinvention

It's here. It's time. There is no getting back to normal. Holding our breath and hoping for a return to "before Covid" is not a reality. The world has spent the last two years reacting and coping and trying to withstand the next hit. Our souls are weary, our employees burned out, our healthcare system struggling.

What better time to embark on a journey of reinvention and new ideas and processes and solutions? Struggle has always been the catalyst for change. And now is the time!

So how do we make 2022 the Year of Reinvention? How do we take the hard lessons of the last two years and create positive lasting change? We hope that this newsletter helps provoke thought and introspection for our audience. Beginning with our Women in Leadership speaker Amy Alvarez who will be discussing how she has tackled life challenges to discover her truth and stand strongly in it. Tino's Corner explores the importance of planning for reinvention and the concept of universal struggle, transformation & rebirth.

Leadership coaching is an important part of reinvention...and has been an important ingredient for the success of many leaders. TLG coach Vicki Abelson gives us a lot to think about in her Six Benefits of Coaching article. And our Ask the Experts section gathers insights from TLG's consultants on the topic of reinvention. Don't forget to check out the "What We are Reading" section as well for interesting resources .

And Rick Stone reminds us of the power of the stories we tell and the legacy we are creating this new year. What story will YOU tell this year? It's time.


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Tino's Corner

Imagine If We Actually Planned to Reinvent

For the past two years, many companies have had to pivot in order to survive, making great advancements in the way we communicate, interact, and do business. Can you imagine if we had actually planned on this reinvention?


For What It's Worth, With Tino Mantella

Universal struggle, transformation, rebirth. These are the necessary steps in order to reinvent oneself. Tino Mantella, President & CEO, shares how we can use these steps to discover our full potential.

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Tino's Special Offer: Coaching

For over 34 years, The Turknett Leadership Group has been the number one name in all things coaching. We go beyond the C-Suite, coaching at all levels of the organization. Reach out to us today to see how we can build your custom plan and help your leaders unleash their full potential. 

From the Experts: Reinvention

2022 could be the year that organizations get back to making intentional changes, adding on and finessing the changes they have had to make, while forging a new path forward with the flexibility that has been missing over the past two years. How can organizations “reinvent” themselves intentionally, while keeping the customer or client at the center of such change? We asked our team of experts how they’d advise an organization on these topics. Read what they had to say:


Updates and Outlooks


Women in Leadership

TLG’s Women in Leadership (WIL) is a program designed to spotlight women of achievement. Come have a seat at our table.

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Turknett Buzz

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What We are Reading...

Our goal is to provide you, the reader, with the latest resources, articles, and research in leadership development. See what we're reading!

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Additional Articles and Video

Harnessing Your Story.png

Coach Spotlight: Richard Stone, Chief Storyteller & Strategic Partner

On this Coach Spotlight, we interviewed Richard Stone who shares with us his thoughts on a variety of story related questions, including why storytelling is so crucial.


The Six Benefits of Coaching

By Vicki Abelson, Senior Consultant - Healthcare

Vicki Abelson, Senior Consultant – Healthcare, shares with us six incredible benefits of having a coach in your professional career. Read on! 



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