Have you listened to the Trumpet Dynamics episode, " A Tribute to William Vacchiano?"

It's one of my favorites, because there was so much information about how he taught and how he played and how he interacted with other people.

One thing that I found fascinating (it also made me jealous) was that William Vacchiano had trumpets that he kept all over the city, wherever he was going to rehearse. And he had an assistant who would bring all the trumpets that he needed to each rehearsal, so all he had to do was show up.

You know you've made it when you can hire someone to carry your trumpets around. (That is now my new goal).

He had to find some way to simplify his schedule. He had thousands of students and must have been playing and teaching all the time.

Which brings us to your schedule. You may not be ready to hire your very own trumpet guy, but it's always a good idea to simplify your schedule and your business.

That's why I made this step-by-step guide to making a website to help you schedule lessons and take payments.

Visitors will be able to choose the lesson package that they want, pay for it and get on your schedule. They can get it all done by themselves.

You just go about your business and get a notification when you have gotten paid and when you have a lesson on your schedule.

Sounds pretty easy, right?

While I was putting this together I saved all my screen shots so you can see exactly how to make this website for yourself.

Use it to build your own trumpet lesson empire.

Talk to you tomorrow,