April 2018

“If you give someone your heart and they leave, do they take it with them? Do you spend the rest of forever with a hole inside you that can't be filled?” - Jodi Picoult

Identifying Hidden Pain
Do you sometimes feel like you have no energy? That no matter how much sleep you get, you are chronically tired? Maybe you have random chest pain, shortness of breath or a heart arrhythmia that doctors of allopathic medicine can't explain.
Heart arrhythmias can cause you to feel premature or extra heartbeats, or you may feel that your heart is erratic, either racing or beating too slowly.

The true cause of these physical manifestations may be something you wouldn't expect.


Many people carry grief they have repressed from the loss of someone they loved deeply.

It is not always due to a person you loved transitioning from life on earth into the spirit world that causes grief.
Grief can also be caused by the loss of a romantic relationship or friendship and sometimes just from the nature of a relationship changing. A mother who loses her child is likely to grieve the rest of her life unless there is a significant intervention.

Often our usual support systems are unsure of how to comfort us when we are grieving. Their lack of knowing how to help may lead them to avoid conversations about the relationship we are grieving and sometimes they will end up avoiding the grieving person altogether.
This can turn an already painful time into a very lonely and isolating experience.

The Danger of Unhealed Grief
Did you know the heart is the largest energy source in our body and that the vibration of the magnetic field it sends out is 100 x stronger than the brain? This is recognized as common knowledge in most health care facilities. While we are considered still living even when we are registering brain death, the death certificate is only signed when the heart stops beating.

Grief is unhealthy and can be dangerous because it can lead to heart conditions, such as high blood pressure, chest pain, arrhythmia and eventually...cardiac arrest. As a Metaphysician, I have observed this pattern firsthand over the years in my healing practice. Clients who come to me with physical conditions they want healed, especially affecting the heart, almost always have repressed grief from one or more significant losses. Part of my work is to help them see the connection.

If too much time goes by carrying un-healed grief, a broken heart can eventually end your life.

And we have all heard or known of someone who ‘died of a broken heart’.

From Devastating Loss to Transformative Peace

Earlier this year, I received a request for some healing sessions from a finance specialist with young children.

Although her medical doctor told her she was not at risk, intuitively, she knew there was an issue with her heart because she had been experiencing, erratic beating of her heart known as arrhythmia, and heart pain.
Joann did not realize there was a connection between the grief she was still carrying due to the loss of her brother when they were children and her symptoms.
After we talked about her family loss, I did a medical intuitive scan and was able to pick up on some excess fluid around her heart. I also intuited that congenital heart disease was a factor. Excess fluid can become life threatening if not treated so her next session, I cleared her grief related to losing her brother at an early age. By doing this, I removed one of the core issues related to the heart symptoms she was experiencing. Then I imprinted her with being at peace about her brother's death.

Between sessions, Joanne noticed she felt at peace about her brother and that there was a decrease in the symptoms around her heart.

Her next session, we discussed the next most important loss she had experienced and that was a romantic relationship that had ended 2 years earlier. The next part of her session, I cleared the grief about him, then imprinted her with deep appreciation for the time she spent with him.

This deep healing and imprint of deep peace and gratitude made a profound difference in not only her emotional symptoms, but the remaining physical symptoms around her heart.
In her words:

"Ellie healed my heart. I was experiencing an aching & tightness in my heart for the past year. The pain had intensified and I told Ellie about it. Ellie discovered and pinpointed fluid around my heart. She healed my heart with love, grace and light. I do not feel any pain in my heart because of Ellie and her special healing session. She is an angel. I am grateful for my sessions with her." ️

When Modern Medicine Isn’t Enough

I don’t always have the advantage of prevention for all my clients. Andrew was retired after previously working in law enforcement. He recently survived a massive heart attack caused by a tear in his aorta which most people die from. To further complicate matters, his body was rejecting the new aortic valve he had received. And he was in a lot of pain.

Thankfully, he had a loving support system who gifted him with an 8-session package for me to heal his heart issues. After reviewing his forms and discussing several significant losses he had experienced over the course of his life, most recently being a failed marriage with a woman he thought was going to be his mate for the rest of his life. With each significant relationship loss I cleared, his physical pain symptoms reduced significantly and he was able to heal much more quickly. I also imprinted him energetically with knowing he is lovable.

Andrew's feedback after one of his sessions:
"Hello Love, I experienced a transformation yesterday evening that has truly accelerated my recovery rate. Today I have more than doubled the amount of time I can walk around without losing my breath or feeling like I am going to pass out. Thank you for all you do"

Courage Found Through a Healed Heart

Sometimes we have been living for so long with a broken heart that we can’t remember what it feels like to be well. We resign ourselves to a lifetime of pain, which only allows it to work deeper into our hearts and erode our physical being.

This was the case for Angela when she came to me with Cardiomyopathy and Ventricular Tachycardia. She went into cardiac arrest and needed to be shocked by her defibrillator over 100 times in the course of her adult life. This woman is only in her 40's and her doctor recently told her that the way things were going, she was looking at needing a heart transplant within 5 years.

During our session, I discovered that the pain caused by losing her mother at a young age had made her heart break in a very real sense. By the time we were done working, she had this to say:

"Thank you for the session Ellie! We just finished up and I'm laying here relaxing and I looked out the window and was watching a bird walk vertically up the trunk of a tree. And I thought, that's so interesting. The bird is not afraid to fall. And then I felt and heard "You're not afraid to fall when you can fly."Isn't that beautiful and timely with my session?"

Paige's grief over losing son healed for good.

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