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In this issue, we look at recent changes from CMS who is currently putting a huge emphasis on modernization - in both its tools and support. We also highlight some HRSA updates, and a big win for health center pharmacies.

We discuss some of the statistics highlighted in the latest release of The Community Health Center Chartbook issued by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) earlier this month. The statistics reinforce that the way of the future for health centers lies in value-based healthcare and being able to offer a comprehensive and coordinated care plan for each patient. Need a refresher? See our fact sheet titled "Increase Your Revenue Through Value-based Care" in the resources section on our website.

Over the coming months, we'll explore the trends highlighted in the chartbook in more detail, and discuss new strategies to drive expansion.

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NACHC: Latest research highlights the expanding role of CHCs
NACHC's latest release of The Community Health Center Chartbook provides a detailed picture of the Health Center Program, and really highlights the important and evolving role that FQHCs play in community healthcare. 

It's exciting to see the growth in patients and visits, as well as the expansion in the types of services offered and other areas (see images below). New to this year’s chartbook is a chapter on telehealth (the way of the future!), state maps and the latest research findings from a range of peer-reviewed journals.

To download the chartbook, go to the NACHC website .
CMS: new tools and updated payment rules
Over the past months, CMS has launched several new initiatives to modernize its approach and interactions with both the public and the healthcare industry.

Only last week it announced the launch of a new podcast called “CMS: Beyond the Policy”. The podcast will offer regular episodes that discuss agency updates and policies in a user-friendly medium, and save time for those who can't participate in training or read lengthy documents. Read the press release to learn more.

Also, from the beginning of January, new payment rules came into effect for FQHCs offering new opportunities for reimbursement using virtual telecommunications. Do your systems and processes support this? Contact us if you're not sure how to implement in your practice.
Media watch and other useful info

In a recent newsletter, HRSA issued an invitation to attend the BPHC All-Programs Webcast where they'll be discussing Health Center Program updates, including plans for the National Association of (NACHC) Policy & Issues forum, funding, and more.

Tuesday, March 5
2:00-3:00 p.m. ET

To submit questions in advance, send an email to bphcta@hrsa.gov by Friday, March 1, with the subject line "BPHC All-Programs Question."

In an email to a 340B Workgroup earlier this month, Ms. Colleen Meiman (Senior Policy Advisor for NACHC) shared some good news for health center pharmacies.

She advised that CVS-Caremark has indicated it will not proceed with its plan to reduce reimbursement rates for pharmacies owned by health centers and other 340B providers starting on April 1, 2019.

This is great news for the industry, and especially for FQHCs! We'll continue to monitor for any changes, and keep you informed.
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