Are you thinking about your future?

I do every day. That's not all, I also speak with advisors, update my thinking and accept mistakes as a valuable part of the learning process. 

Taking the first step to resolve a problem or reach a goal is the fastest way to finish. The time it takes to fuss about it and worry is both counterproductive and emotionally draining.

The big question today among boomer age business owners is as The Clash so eloquently put it. "Should I stay or should I go?"

If you'd like to get some objective, fresh eyes thinking on what you could do with your company and your future, I'm available. 

Click here it will take you to our home page. From there you can select a phone call, coffee or lunch (on me). That's it you've taken the first step to figuring out your future.

Cheers, Eric

Or simply email me.

Eric Gilboord
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