Now Offering HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lighting Solutions For Eclipse 500!
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“Recently Boca Aircraft Maintenance told me about the new LoPresti lighting system for the Eclipse, stating they are 40% brighter. I had them installed. Sure enough, Boca Maintenance did an great job with the installation, and the new LoPresti lights are like having the high intensity lights in your car. In fact they remind me of car head lights that actually enable me to see where I’m going at night, on Taxi ways, and when landing.  If you fly at all at night, especially into uncontrolled airfields, I definitely recommend the LoPresti lighting system for the Eclipse and BAM to install them!”
-Kevin Duggan
(Eclipse Owner/Pilot of a EA500)
See the difference for yourself...
The Next Generation In Landing And Taxi Lighting Systems.
*Don't Settle For L.E.D.'s ... See the night in a whole new perspective!
*40% brighter, engineered specially for each model aircraft.
*Reduces Electrical Load & Heat.
*5 Year/5,000 Hour Warranty.
*Improved Safety.
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