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Are You Validating Your System?

NDT-RAM Systems are designed to make your quality inspection process both easy and objective. Our systems are installed in plants around the globe - providing 100% inspection of parts produced each and every day. With the high volume of parts and the harsh environments where they work, we encourage you to consider annual system calibration.
  • Quick Check-Up - Calibration onsite! There is no need to take your system down for an extended period. A TMS NDT expert can complete this process for you in your facility or you can do it yourself. Calibration kits are available to purchase or rent, allowing you to validate any time.
  • Protection During Audits - During calibration, measurements are taken to validate that both the microphone and hammer are functioning correctly. This is done by taking data and comparing it to the manufacturer's spec for the unit. The resulting information can play a key role in showing compliance during your next quality audit.
  • Defend Against Damage - While NDT-RAM systems are extremely rugged, as they say - "Stuff Happens." Perhaps compressed air was blown into the microphone, rupturing the diaphragm. Someone dropped a heavy part onto the hammer shaft, compromising its angle. The force level was set too high and repeated hard hits damaged the tip, resulting in inconsistent measurements. Annual validation can help you recognize and resolve any issues related to equipment damage.
At the end of the day, we understand that you are looking for an accurate, fast, reliable  Pass  /  Fail  determination. Consider recalibrating annually to ensure your results!  Contact us  for more information!

Headed to IMTS?
The NDT-RAM Team will be onsite at IMTS to meet you in person! Our team is committed to helping you solve your quality challenges - please stop by!  
  • Where - IMTS-18 is held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois from Monday, September 10th through Saturday, September 15th
  • When - The Exhibition is open Monday, September 10th through Saturday, September 15th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 
  • Who - Come talk with our Non-Destructive Testing Team in Booth 135406, East Building, Level 3. Drop by with process questions, material / defect inquiries, and to see a live system demo in action!
Tip of the Quarter
Have you considered the cost of part preparation? With certain types of non-destructive testing, parts may need to be cleaned, magnetized, or dyed prior to testing. With NDT-RAM, no part preparation is required. No mess, no trouble, just 100% quality inspection.
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