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Are you wearing pants? And if made it back from the holidays!

If you're still wearing holiday pajamas...CONGRATULATIONS, you are a superhero, still enjoying holidays or break time!

Are your pants jeans? If so, did you know that it takes 1800 gallons of water to produce the cotton in one pair of jeans???

I (a real jeans-loving-and-wearing person) did not know this fact, until working with installation designer, Tamja London, on the NETWORK project premiere at Djerassi Resident Artists Program.

This was just one of the many things we learned together in creating the interactive installation design for the performance experience.

Tanja created a complete denim spiral utitlizing recycled jeans and sheets, which acted (and has since) as a gathering place for audience participants to rest underneath a beautiful oak tree, and observe the dancers above and around them. She utilized these recycled materials to bring people together, and offer a place of rest in community, while also offering a piece of education.

How can we face the facts, while also staying inspired?

How can we be together in the tough questions--questions that the NETWORK project asks, like:

  • How do you take care of the plants, animals and waters that sustain you?
  • How do feel connected with the lands your ancestors call home?
  • How do you give respect for those who have cared for your homelands before you?

As we watch the unfolding of a genocide in Gaza, and mourn the loss of more than 20,000 Palestinian lives and of at least 1,139 Israeli lives, to date---the MovingGround leadership has been in active dialogue about what actions we, as a company, can take in solidarity with Palestinian liberation, in alignment with the international community, human rights and justice- while navigating the complexity of all of the issues and peoples involved.

At MovingGround we ask questions and incite dialogue, through embodied and interactive experiences. We believe that we make change in powerful ways through being together in community, learning, and activating through direct experience.

We have been so grateful to co-create these spaces together with our partners and amazing collaborators again throughout 2023!

THANK YOU to you, our community members, collaborators, partners, patrons and donors. Please join us for more life giving and affirming work in 2024!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours, from all of us at MovingGround.

Krista & team

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2023 in Review

This year the branches of the NETWORK project continued to grow, with iterations throughout the year and across the Bay; in galleries, parks, and hikes. We were thrilled to seed new connections with the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose, the Dance Palace in Point Reyes, and Boedekker Park in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, as well as tend to our ongoing connection with Djerassi Resident Artists Program, through our Art Immersion hikes.

Over a year and a half since the project's premiere, we are continually grateful for the new insights and movements that each activation brings! Check out our highlight video and further reflections on the NETWORK project below.

MovingGround's fall class series, Improvisation in Action, has been a satisfying incubator for improvisational exploration, weaving together the wisdom of various collaborators and their practices. We look forward to continuing this class series in January 2024 and hope to see you there!

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Reflections on the NETWORK project

A year and a half since the NETWORK project premiere, our community reflects on the impact of this project and its evolutions since, as both witnesses and participants:

It felt very healing. There was complicity, appreciation and care for nature and each other. This connection felt even stronger during the first iteration of the project since we were in the middle of the pandemic and there was so much grieving and uncertainty.

~ Diana Lara, collaborator

It feels rewarding, healing deep into the muscles, the breathing, the mind and liberating the burdens accumulated. Easing interaction and sharing. 

~ isadora paz taboada, Advisory Board Member

There is an extreme need for community-driven projects [like the NETWORK project], those that address the issues of the future and that invisible desire to connect to strangers through performance. In essence, we are all strangers and the only way to shake hands with one another is in this collective dance. 

~ Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes, collaborator

Welcome Catalina & Mecca!

As we bid farewell to MovingGround's Interim Projects Coordinator,

Emma Quan Dewey, we are excited to be growing our leadership team in the New Year with Catalina O'Connor (she/they) as our new Projects Coordinator, and Mecca Boutte (she/her) as our Communications Specialist.

Catalina O'Connor is a modern/contemporary dancer and teacher. She attended Saint Mary's College of California and studied modern dance, as well as Mexican Folklórico and Flamenco, along with Hispanic Literature, and Art History. She is currently teaching with HeART with LINES and the Shawl-Anderson Youth Program. She has had the honor to work with Andrew Merrell, Lenora Lee, Liz Duran/Piñata Dance Collective, Davalos Dance, and Andi Salazar.

Catalina is very excited to join MovingGround! The organization's focus on community and shared leadership echoes her pedagogical values and they're looking forward to building upon this through arts administration as the Projects Coordinator. 

Mecca Boutte is an Oakland native dancer and aspiring artistic director. She is immensely excited and grateful to volunteer with MovingGround as the Communications Specialist! She studied dance at Oakland School for the Arts and Dance Theatre of Harlem. She is a recent graduate of the illustrious Spelman College, as a scholar in the interdisciplinary fields of Comparative Women's Studies and Public Health. Mecca is passionate about combining her interests in the arts, activism and project management.

Visions for 2024

Join us on New Year's Day for FlowState with Krista DeNio & DJ Mystique

January 1, 2024 7-9:30pm

Ellen Webb Studios

2822 Union St

Oakland, CA

A movement, sound and flow state, guided by your own intentions. We will begin in open space, then move through a physical and vocal warm-up/opening. Utilizing multiple movement and vocal techniques and orientations from developmental movement, to contact improvisation, to Roy Hart vocal technique we will warm-up the moving and sound bodies, to facilitate our full expression. We will move, experiment, improvise, and (if you wish) set intentions for releasing what we no longer need and seeding what we'd like to grow in 2024!

Register HERE or pay with cash or Venmo at the door!

In 2024, we will be returning for our 2nd annual performance experience at the Tierra y Raices exhibition at the School of Arts & Culture in March, and for another Art Immersion Hike at Djerassi Program in April. We look forward to moving with you all in the new year.

Thank you for being a part of the MovingGround community, network and family!

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Photos by Hillary Goidell, Esther Young, and Edgar Ochoa.

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