"True guidance comes from a place of higher awareness. "
July 1, 2019

Happy Canada Day my friend! May you enjoy this day and all others to their fullest potential.

A little pep talk here: I hope you know and understand that you are most certainly a part of the wake-up crew here on earth during these prophetic times. Each and every person on this planet is learning how to fully access and trust our intuition, remembering how to honour and keep our energy fields clear and radiant, and most importantly rising above the chaos of the world through deep awareness and compassion. Thank you to everyone for your continued thirst for knowledge and dedication to a better way of co-creating. We are making waves and gaining ground each and every day.

My fall workshops are posted and I am super excited to try an all new format this year, which takes trust, divine timing, and co-creating to a whole new level. Check them out and register to save your spot!

For those of you who are able to visit my little store here in Saskatoon, there is still time to take advantage of my summer special. I call it... Crystals - the Best Preservatives EVER! Test out your intuitive, mathematical or guessing skills with SOULworks summer special. Identify the number of crystals in the jar for a chance to win the entire selection. Prize value is over $500. Any purchase in the store or a private session with myself provides you with the opportunity to enter.

p.s. Your soul is oh, so divine. Believe in yourself and the trails you are blazing.

Much love and blessings,

Lauren Heistad
Inspiration and Guidance by Lauren Heistad
Are you Willing to Receive Guidance?

For many years I have learned the art of listening to both my inner and outer guidance. Over time, my life has been a magical wonderland of hearing and seeing many experiences that have blessed my entire existence. From angels assisting along the way, to hearing distress calls from loved ones, to watching the stars align on more occasions then I can even count, I have loved and honour the process of higher awareness. But the truth is, as much as I have learned to clearly hear the guidance coming in, I don't always listen to the incoming information. Shocking, I know.

Particularly when it comes to my own day-to-day stuff, I tend to brush off clear guidance instead of following through with the nudges from above. Not earth shattering moments of total regret, but certainly moments when I have clearly received guidance and then consciously made the decision to brush it off and continue on my merry way, unaltered by the incoming suggestions or advise.

Take the other day for example, I was heading out with my family for a nice morning of kayaking, when I clearly heard a voice in my head offering gentle advise, "You should put on some jeans today or you will be way too cold."

I argued. Of course I heard the directive, but I had already made the decision to wear a set of my favourite capris. I loved those pants and felt very confident in my selection already carefully planned for the day. After all, I felt great in those summer capris as they brought joy and lightness to my heart (and yes, clothes can be that magical and comforting). Needless to say, off I went with my originally planned attire for our day of kayaking. I then proceeded to freeze my ass off.

The following day, I decided to wear a pair of jeans. After all, I am no dummy and I had clearly learned my lesson from the day before. Our Saskatchewan weather was far too sporadic and not yet warm enough to manage lighter gear, both my logic and experience certainly contended. Yet, while heading out for a day of family fun, I heard the same guidance from above, this time from the opposite perspective. "You should change into lighter clothes today or you will be way too hot".

Nope, not me. I stayed clear to my earlier intentions to wear jeans. And no, you don't have to be psychic or intuitive to pick up on where this path was headed, I basically sweated my ass off.

Later while reflecting on those two particular days, I came to a shocking discovery. OMG, I am just like a determined toddler or free-spirited teen refusing to hear basic words of wisdom from a higher authority. I mean yes, I have learned to follow guidance for major life changes, and yes I appreciate all the guidance I have ever received. But in terms of basic desires, I am sometimes just a stubborn kid refusing to take advise from someone who can most certainly see a bigger picture then I may perceive at the time. Yup, it was an honest, eye opening moment of truth.

I find I'm not alone on this one though. Many people have trouble following directive from above. Let's face it, we all have our own ideas and plans that are already etched into our hearts and minds. However, to clearly be open to guidance from above, we must also be open to the idea of there being a higher awareness that has our best interests at heart. A higher power that perhaps knows more then we do in our current human form and perspective.

I mean sure, we are most certainly divine beings and hold the potential to be connected to all things. But some days, admittedly, we are connected to not much more than our own thing; refusing to see the bigger picture because we so desperately want things to go the way we want them to go.

The problem with ignoring the little things in life is that we sometimes forget the bigger picture. After all, was I really wanting to manifest the perfect capri day, with my focus being on how I would look and feel in my clothes, or was I truly looking to manifest a beautiful outing with my family, with a focus on how great it would feel to spend time together in the great outdoors. The intentions and results are certainly not the same.

My enlightening experience begs the question, are you willing to receive guidance? If your answer was yes, then I propose it is also officially time to fully learn how to take it. All of it. Not just when it suits your needs or matches what you already perceive to be the perfect thing from your own limited perspective. Going with your own flow doesn't always work. Instead, we must learn to follow true guidance from a place of higher awareness. If you don't know where to start, I would suggest following guidance in its most basic form, learning to receive guidance from others. After all, if we, our children, or the people around us are unwilling to see the insights and perspectives from another human being, how will we ever learn how to fully receive, respect, and respond to the divine guidance coming from above.

SOULworks School of Enlightenment and other Events by Lauren Heistad

Introducing the NEW SOULworks Series:

How much do you trust in our divine potential????? All classes are co-created by Spirit, your Higher Self, the Teacher (Lauren Heistad), and all others who are guided to activate, evolve and master their own unique SOULworks and divine signature. With never two workshops being alike, the topics and exercises are custom tailored to the group and will intuitively progress to meet the needs and interests of the participants.   Pick a Level, a Date, and then just trust in the process.​

Activating your SOULworks : Are you ready to activate your soul potential? Trust in your own divine guidance and sixth senses? Surrender in full faith in your ability to expand your awareness? …then this class is for you!

Fall Class Date Options:

Classes are $225 + GST per day and are stand alone courses. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Evolving your SOULworks: Are you ready to evolve your soul potential? Trust in your divine connection to all things? Surrender in full faith to your ability to create change? …then what are you waiting for?!!

Fall Class Date Options:

Classes are $225 + GST per day and are stand alone courses. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Mastering your SOULworks: Are you ready to take your soul development to a new level? Trust in your infinite potential and conscious co-creating ability? Surrender in full faith to your path and the path of all others? …then stand up, it is time for change!

Fall Class Date Options:

Classes are $225 + GST per day and are stand alone courses. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

*** Private SOULworks Classes (Any Level, Any Topic)
This offering includes One-Day and Multi-Day teachings. Topics are customized to your spiritual development. Areas of study can include psychic development, energy healing, mediumship, soul path clarity, and confidence building in any and all areas of spiritual development. Various levels of awareness are welcome, with the class content being tailored to your own individual goals and needs.Dates for classes range from Tuesday to Saturday and will be organized once registration is received. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Cost: $425 / day.

The SOULworks School of Enlightenment provides a safe, informative platform from which to activate, evolve and master your own SOULworks. Tapping into her 35+ years of experience in the field of spiritual encounters and soulful expansion, Lauren Heistad utilizes this time to teach, inspire, support, and help all those seeking to develop their intuitive capacity and divine connection to all that is. Her classes reveal what others may consider mysteries, and provides assistance to all those who are seeking true, authentic enlightenment: body, mind and soul.

​Lauren is a firm believer that the world is waking up to our expansive soul potential. It is her goal to help people understand their abilities and the changes they are currently experiencing, both internally as well as externally. She is a strong proponent that our world can be a better place, and that we can each learn how to consciously co-create a more peaceful existence with compassion, love, and higher understanding. Lauren strives to teach people by expanding their awareness on what is possible and encourages society to harness their inner ability to create positive change.

For a full listing of all events housed within SOULworks, please visit the Calendar of Events.
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Visit this beautiful space to take part in one-on-one sessions, workshops, inspirational speaking, soulful shopping, and much more. 

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