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June 2012 - Vol 3   

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TNG Visual Effects

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North American Productions

  Battle Ship to scan

TNG Visual Effects 3D scanning systems allow us to serve your production locally in Canada and the U.S. See map below for locations.

About TNG Visual Effects



TNG Visual Effects is a 3D scanning company in the entertainment industry that specializes in the creation of photorealistic digital assets. Many characters, vehicles, cars, sets, props, animals, sculptures and other items have been added to TNG's scope of work since the company's inception in 2009. 


The TNG team knows how to work with producers, directors, coordinators, A-list talent and other agencies, making the most of their precious time and ensuring a successful project. TNG's work is always guaranteed.  


The TNG scan team is also highly noted for their ability to travel at a moments notice for a project. Exclusive use of highly mobile scanning systems allow for TNG to perform scans in practically any location. Express Scanning.     



What can we replicate for you?





Battle Ship to scan 

 Battle Ship to scan








Artist Spotlight


Battle Ship to scan

Sky Tesi 

3D Artist and Scan Processor


A graduate of the Art Institute, Sky Tesi's role at TNG Visual Effects is vital to the collection, processing, management and archival of 3D scan data. In addition to the technical aspects of his position, Sky also enjoys lending a hand with video editing and traditional writing for the TNG website and monthly newsletter. When not at his computer, Sky can be found in the studio behind a camera or at the gym.


 Savings Tips

Are Your Characters Spending Your Budget?


3D scanning characters or talent can either be expensive or more cost effective for your project depending on how, when and where they were scanned.


We have had experience with productions that needed a 3D scan of an actor in post however; the actor already left the show. That cost to get them back for a scan was way too expensive. The show was still successfully completed (we know there are a hundred ways to accomplish almost anything on a project). In this case, 3D scanning would have been the least expensive option if the actor was scanned in preproduction or between scenes.


Battle Ship to scan
3D scans with high resolution character detailing. 


One service we offer acts as an insurance policy (of sorts). We scan all the main actors on a show in the event the 3D scans could be needed later. The data would not be processed until requested or ordered. This may be something to consider on your next project if you've ever found yourself rushing around at the last minute for 3D scanning. This particular service is inexpensive when compared to ordering your 3D scanning at the last minute. Supervisors have confirmed that having the 3D scans readily available in post saved them a lot of time and work.


Below are some suggested considerations to make when planning your 3D scanning. TNG Visual Effects will strive to help you make your 3D scanning experience a positive one. Consult with us on your needs and let us help you find the most efficient way to accomplish your goals.



Cut costs by performing your 3D scans in our studio. This saves fees associated with the costs of travel and on-site scanning fees.



If you have your own modeling team, just order the clean, raw scan. In this case, it's a simple calculation of determining which types of 3D models are more cost effective to order.



Consider the down time of the talent on set and schedule our team of scan technicians accordingly. This will save money and alleviate stress for the Producer, Art Director and talent.


In conclusion, we know you have a lot more to think about than 3D scanning your characters. We strive to make our service as efficient and stealthy as possible.  We guarantee our work and look forward to helping you experience 3D scanning at its best.   

Battle Ship to scan More Ways to Save: Discuss the Specs Before Your 3D Scan

  • What type of hair will your 3D models feature?
  • Will talent be in a wig cap?
  • Does the wardrobe to be scanned include clothes with reflective qualities?
  • Will you be animating cloth?
  • What is your delivery schedule?
  • What file format will you request?


Rebuilding Buildings - Inside and Out

Replicating sets with 3D scanners has become a staple of films and other markets. A building may be scanned (interior or exterior) for the set designer to add extensions or different facades, or to have as a reference for placement.


For exquisite detail, high resolution is necessary. Our laser scanners can capture hundreds of millions of points. We take several dense point clouds and stitch them together. To convert these point clouds to a surface (polygonal data) is a process which includes decimation, allowing for a very large spectrum of resolution output according to the client's need. These laser scanners were developed specifically for very accurate measurements. We also add markers to the scene in order to have additional reference points to better register the data.


Battle Ship to scan  

The 3D scanner we use is consistent with our company goals of having a solution that is small, easy to transport and set up, and is able to scan quickly. Like windows on cars, transparent and shiny materials are harder to capture, whereas buildings made from a flat material such as cement, brick, or wood are better for measurements and registration.


We have found that if we need to scan a highly populated area, we can work during the middle of the night, and shoot the reference photographs earlier in the day, or the following day. This is yet another way in which we strive for efficiency when it comes to collecting data without disrupting our clients' production schedule.


Allow yourself the freedom of working in the digital realm by using these 3D environments. Visual effects have a versatility that is akin to the mind's imagination. Remember, we provide more than just environments. Cars, people, and objects are also some of our favorite elements to replicate.



Scanning our Obsession: Cars


3D scanning is a valid technique for the creation of photo-realistic cars. Keep in mind a few mandatory details at the beginning of your project to ensure success. 


First we will start by taking the reference photographs that will be used for both texturing and reference. The crew preparing the surface will then use specific methods to dull any material that has too much specularity. The windows are then covered in butcher paper or any other flat paper. The rest of the car should be sprayed or polished so that it dries to a haze, which will scan more easily. Blue tape is also used on chrome just like when painting cars.


If the undercarriage of the car is desired, it will take some extra money and imagination to accomplish the task. In a garage, you may have them hoist the car in the air. Alternatively, a crane can be used to put double hooks on the front or back of the car to pick it up in the air, or the car can be rolled on its side. Fortunately, most people do not need it, or a generic undercarriage will be suitable for the job.


Battle Ship to scan 


We then scan the car, and have it cleaned so that it's spotless. Often times we return the car better than we received it due to the wax. The scan data is analyzed and processed back at our studio. It is then re-topologized into quads, UV mapped, and textured. Additionally, by request, we can add the steering wheel, head rests, or other interior details based on our clients need for their film, TV episode, or video game production.


Just as we can scan a car, ultimately, we can scan any large object you can name. From a truck, to a train, a boat, or even an airplane. As you can imagine, each will have its own challenges. Our job is to find out what you want and how you want it. Whether you're ordering a clean raw scan, or a fully textured, re-topologized model, we'll get the job done.


What our clients have to say:



"We've been working with TNG Visual Effects ever since they started, and they've always been our vendor of choice when it comes to 3d scans. Nick and his team have always delivered extra high quality models with blazing fast turnaround, and he's always flexible to adapt to our constantly changing pipeline. He's been working under some pretty aggressive deadlines, with lots of models to deliver in a very short amount of time, but always took it in stride and never missed a delivery. We can't imagine working with anyone else when it comes to high-resolution scans for our characters. Just book the talent, call Nick, send him a template for topology and you'll get a model that you can literally plug and play into your cinematic."   


-- Jerome (Jed) Denjean, Senior CG Supervisor, Blur Studio


Battle Ship to scan
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