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Hello everyone ,
Santa Ana winds are here and bringing with them fire, smoke and horrible air quality. We continue to check in with patients living in the fire effected areas and thanks to our courageous firemen, our patients have been unharmed and their homes are still safe. Our prayers & healing energies go out to all others that have been effected.

Because of the mix of Santa Ana winds + smoke, ash & debris in the air , many patients are arriving to our office these past weeks, suffering from sinus pressure, headaches, colds and allergies.  In this issue we wanted to share some natural ways to deal with seasonal allergies & sinus inflammation and congestion. 

Let's start with eliminating foods that are rich in histamine: pasteurized milk & dairy products, cheeses, processed deli meats, smoked foods, mushrooms, avocados, eggplant, tomatoes, Wine and beer belong in this list too

While we are at it, let's eliminate Sugar (so that Halloween Candy has to go :) Sugar is terrible for colds, allergies & inflammation. It decreases immune function and increases mucus.

And let's ADD some Turmeric  this spice that can prevent the release of  histamine  from mast cells and can even inhibit anaphylactic reactions.

And replace that sugar with 3 teaspoons per day of Raw Local Honey . The idea behind local honey treating allergies  is similar to that of a person getting  allergy  
shots . ... When a person eats   local honey , they are ingesting  local  pollen. Over time, a person becomes less sensitive to this pollen . As a result, may experience fewer seasonal  allergy  symptoms. Plus its Yummy!

Keep reading for a great Sinus/Allergy treatment we offer & more tips on getting through this wind & polluted-air without allergies and sickness!

Yours in health & Until our next visit,
Dr Heidi & the staff at InnerMovement

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The Culprit: Weakened Immune System

Have you ever wondered why you're allergies, flu's and colds have gotten worse and more frequent as you age?
OR why others in the office or at home seem to never get sick? If you have more allergies, colds and flu's NOW compared to when you were a are showing signs of a weakened Immune System.

What is weakening your immune system?

1) Going to bed after midnight or not getting at least 6 hours/night of sound sleep
2) Feeling anxious & stressed -busy, busy, busy...most of the time.
3) Feeling lonely and depressed OR Grieving a Loss
4) Eating processed foods and sugar more than once per week
5) Drinking more than 3 alcoholic beverages per day OR 7 per week.
6) Not exercising regularly OR being overweight
Seasonal allergies are the result of the immune system overreacting to an airborne invader, usually in the form of pollen, dust, or something else that your system doesn't recognize. 

When the immune system is weak, it causes an overreaction to certain foods, pollen, or dust.

Healthy strategies: When suffering from a cold,congestion or allergies...

1) Eliminate Dairy with symptoms of allergies & congestion: Today's Dairy products worsen allergy symptoms because they contain arachidonic acids , which increase the production of leukotrienes , which restrict the bronchial tubes, thus making it difficult for air to get through . This can cause the production of phlegm and mucus, which worsens allergy symptoms. Dairy tends to thicken the mucus secretions. Dairy leads to sinusitis, nagging morning cough, and frequent nasal congestion
NOTE: Patients suffering with allergies, sinusitis, colds and flus have heard us say, "NO MORE DAIRY" for years. But, WHY? Isn't milk supposed to be good for you?
Dairy today : pasteurized & enzyme stripped, containing trace hormones and antibiotics from cattle raised in factories, not fields.
It  is not like the dairy we had years ago.
Dairy before : raw, grass fed, full of enzymes and immune building antibodies, raised with sunlight and fresh air. 

2) Breathe in Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus oil  is known as an anti-inflammatory that helps with chest & sinus congestion. Spritz a little on a Kleenex and breathe it in throughout the day OR diffuse while you sleep.

3) Take Oil of Oregano & Tumeric: Oil of Oregano and Tumeric both work great for reducing Sinusitis . We carry both in our office & recommend frequently with good results.

4) Eat warm soups/Breathe in steam of White Onion: Grandma's chicken soup is still the best cold, flu & sinus remedy. Another goodie- Boil a white onion for 20mins turn off heat and breathe in the steam until sinuses start to drain. Works like a charm!

5) Teas that can help : Ginger Tea is known for its antiinflammatory benefits, Rooibos contains the bioflavonoids that are believed to block the allergy-causing histamines. Green Tea boosts immunity & helps the sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. Licorice Root has anti-allergy effects and is known for its relief on irritated respiratory passages.

6) Eat Foods rich in Magnesium . One study out of Brigham Young University showed that animals deficient in magnesium had higher levels of histamine in their blood when exposed to allergens than did animals with adequate magnesium levels. Magnesium is a bronchodilator and an antihistamine.


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