Are Your Job Descriptions Your Achilles Heel?

Most folks groan when you mention job descriptions, and for good reason because inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete job descriptions can put your organization at serious risk!

The cost of a bad hire or damaging litigation resulting from a federal or regulatory claim can cost your company millions of dollars, not to mention its significant impact on productivity and morale. 

In today’s labor market, attracting and retaining top talent rests firmly on your understanding of what your employees need to accomplish. Unfortunately, poor postings can hurt your recruitment and retention efforts more than you realize. 

Ask yourself: “Are you willing to ignore the icebergs lurking beneath the surface, or will you take the steps necessary to protect your organization?”

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The importance of job descriptions is often undermined by business owners' heavy workloads. When you're juggling a wide range of priorities on a daily basis, including putting out the occasional fire, developing job descriptions usually falls to the bottom of the list. 

And why bother writing job descriptions for your current employees? Job descriptions are just for recruiting purposes, right?

Wrong. Job descriptions are important for many reasons, and they affect several stakeholders, including employers and employees as well as recruiters. 

A well-written job description not only outlines what is expected of an employee, but also helps the employer define the necessary skills for the job. Developing job descriptions is fundamental to good employment practices.

A good job description will help you with the following:

  • Identifying the right employees for the job
  • Helping guide training
  • Offering protection after terminations
  • Assisting with retention and satisfaction
  • Providing insight for succession planning
  • Helping gauge performance
  • Justifying an employee's pay
  • And More!

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