Fall 2019
Welcome Andrea & Nicole!
Great News! Andrea Jorgensen and Nicole Virant are the two newest members of the L&F team.
Andrea has more than ten years of public relations and marketing expertise and, as Account Executive, she will provide L&F’s clients with strategic and effective communication, PR and marketing services.
Nicole is L&F’s Social Media Specialist, and will use her expertise to lead the social media marketing and public relations strategies and tactics for L&F’s clients.
Please give them a warm welcome!
Name Dropping
Here's a sampling of what's going on with our clients and staff:

Congrats to The Lake Companies . It was recently named a “Top 10 Shop Floor Management Solutions Company” by Manufacturing Technology Insights.
Prior to rebuilding a transmission line in Marinette County, American Transmission Company (ATC) built a temporary Osprey nesting platform, away from the transmission line corridor, so an Osprey pair that nested in the area each summer could safely nest. The new platform was a success and the pair hatched a fledgling in early August.

The Wisconsin CASA Association and the Green Bay Packers huddled together for the semi-annual Packers Give Back Day . Packers staff filled 200 suitcases for CASA’s My Stuff, My Bag campaign which will give Wisconsin children in foster care their own suitcase with personal care items.

Menominee Indian School District (MISD) Superintendent Wendell Waukau joined a panel of experts to discuss Trauma-Informed Care and how communities can respond to this health issue. Waukau was asked by Congressman Mike Gallagher to be part of the panel.

Congratulations to WisDOT and the I-39/90 Expansion Project team. The I-39/90 project reached a major milestone with the completion of a 20-mile section of the Interstate between County AB just south of Madison and the Rock River bridges near Edgerton. The overall project is scheduled to be completed in fall 2021.

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help celebrated the 160 th anniversary of the Marian apparition at Champion with the Faith Forward Celebration in conjunction with St. Gianna Clinic in October. It was in 1859 when the Blessed Mother appeared to Adele Brise at Champion, telling her to “Gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know for salvation.”

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The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.
Are your social media campaigns ready for the holidays?
Tips to help push your brand forward
this holiday season
Santa Hats
And in a flash, the holiday season is upon us. Many businesses have already started their holiday campaigns with sale hints or teasers of new products. Are you ready to join the competition for ad space on social media?

The battle for what ads will appear to your target audience becomes fiercer as the holidays approach, which can feel intimidating if you are a small business with a limited promotional budget. So how you do compete?

Here are 5 tips to boost your social media ads this holiday season: 

  1. Put a little extra toward your budget. According to Facebook Ad Specialists, putting just a little more money behind your ad can help you compete with the holiday ad rush. This doesn’t mean spending your remaining marketing budget on one ad. Simply adding $5 to $10 toward an ad can help.
  2. Run the ad for a few more days. Just like adding a few extra dollars to your ad budget, let it run for a few more days. Extend the ad from 10 days to 15. There are so many different ads taking up newsfeeds, extending your ad schedule can help ensure your target audience truly sees it.
  3. Include a holiday flare to your ad creative. Even if your company isn’t a holiday enthusiast, adding a little bit of red, green, or even snow graphics to some of your ads can create the thumb-stopping power you are looking for. In general, tailor your ads to reflect different seasons.
  4. Keep in mind what local events are happening. Yes, there is competition on social media for ads but there is also competition with local events. Plan ahead to know what is happening in your area to determine when your ad should run.
  5. Fine tune your audience. Take the time to narrow down your audience, this will not only help with ad competition but will make sure your ad is hitting the right people. Look at your zip codes, ages and even interests.

Be creative and have fun this holiday season with these tips to make your social media ad campaign a success!

Get the Connection - LinkedIn Advertising
Social media advertising can be a lot to wrap your head around. There are unique objectives, detailed targeting options and differing budget types to understand on each platform. LinkedIn ads are one effective option for reaching a wide audience in the business community, but it’s vital to choose the correct type of ad to reach your advertising goal and target audience.

Here’s a brief overview of the four types of LinkedIn ads:

  1. Sponsored Content is the most used type of LinkedIn ad, which appears in the newsfeed as a single image or video, carousel, website link or blog. This ad type works for all seven LinkedIn ad objectives and appears on both desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Sponsored InMail appears in the target audience message box as a short letter, direct message or invitation. The message only appears in someone’s inbox when they login to LinkedIn to ensure the message is seen. A call to action and link are included in each InMail, and the option to attach a PDF is available too.
  3. Text Ads are short, concise, desktop ads used to drive traffic to a website or job listing. Due to their small size, no more than 100 characters of copy, they must be compelling and to the point. Budgets are set as pay per click (PPC) or cost per impression (CPM), so you only pay for what works.
  4. Dynamic Ads are the box ads on the right-hand side of the desktop, personalized to the viewer by using their profile picture. This is done to capture their attention to look at the ad and profile pictures are only visible to the person pictured. LinkedIn provides three dynamic ad templates to choose from to create an effective ad.
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