Share CPC Toolkit Resources with Your Members
To help your members better understand the CPC Program and their next steps, the NBCRNA has developed the State Association Toolkit page on the NBCRNA website. Here you will find resources such as videos, sample articles and social media posts, podcasts, and more that you can use in your member communications and on your website to be a source of information for your members. More articles for your newsletter and other resources will be added. Visit the State Toolkit . page today!
NBCRNA Research Initiative: New Subcommittees Formed
The NBCRNA is committed to research in determining the best ways to assess knowledge as a component of competence. To further focus on this, two subcommittees of the Evaluation and Research Advisory Committee (ERAC), comprised of subject-matter experts, have been established and are working on various research projects and initiatives. The subcommittees include:
• Simulation-Based CPC Assessment Subcommittee
• Methods to Assess Knowledge and Competence Subcommittee

Learn more about NBCRNA's focus on research, and upcoming and recent studies,  here .  
The 2-year Check-in
deadline was July 31:
Remind your members.

More than 23,000 CRNAs were due to complete the 2-year Check-in and some of them have not yet completed the process. Provide your members with the link to the 2-year Check-in portal and remind them to complete the 2-year Check-in by September 1 to avoid additional fees. Post this 2-year Check-in information on your state association website for your members today!
Your Members have Class B Questions:
Give them answers.

Class B credits  are the most flexible component of the CPC Program and many of your members have questions about the topic. NBCRNA launched the new, Class B Video Series, where through short testimonial videos CRNAs share the various ways they earn Class B credit with their colleagues.

Focused on professional engagement rather than formalized continuing education, Class B's allow your members to get credit for many activities they may already be doing throughout your state.

See how some of your own members are earning Class B credits and s hare these  videos , as well as the   Class B Table , i nc luding descriptions and credit value, on your state association website or newsletter.
Link Your Members to Resources They Need

CPC Videos, FAQs, requirements, timelines, and more. Add these important CPC Program links to your state's website, newsletter, and social media. Copy, paste, and share with your members.

Need Content for Your State's Website or Newsletter?

Fill your state association newsletters and other communications with useful NBCRNA resources. Utilize NBCRNA sample posts on your state's social media updates and access various articles for your next newsletter. Also, download our 2-year Check-in (2YCI) logo and ads for use on your website, e-publications, and more!

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