Ocala Opportunties

Rachel Kiczuk is from Amherst NH and works in Groton, MA at Scarlet Hill Farm. Her horse Africa is a 15.3 TB/Irish Sport Horse by Formula One, and they compete at the preliminary level. Rachel is looking forward to creating good memories with her co-workers. We thank Rachel for reporting from Ocala this winter!

Next Wednesday will mark one month since I migrated down to Florida with Scarlet Hill Farm. I work for Denise Goyea as her head groom at the farm. The two-day road trip down to Ocala was uneventful for us, just driving for hours on end and stopping overnight on the South Carolina border as our layover. The last two hours of the drive were the longest two hours of my life and once we parked the trailers at the farm we immediately got to work unloading horses and putting them into their stalls, unloading grain, and tack trunks as well. Horses were turned out one at a time, each stretching their legs in a field for the first time in months. All of them rolled in the sand about ten times each.

Aiken Envy

Hillori Connors is an amateur adult from Topsfield, MA who enjoys competing at the lower levels of eventing in Area 1. Her horse is Chantilly All Quality (aka Fig), an 8 year old, 17 hh ISH gelding that she has had for almost 1 year. Shortly after Fig's arrival, he had several back-to-back minor injuries, and just started back under saddle in January. In 2020, they are looking forward to getting back into full work, and hopefully competing at some of their favorite Area 1 events. We thank Hillori for reporting from Aiken this winter!

What is it about Aiken that makes all us Area 1’ers so envious? Obviously there is the milder weather; who wouldn’t want to be enjoying sunny, 60 degree weather in February with your favorite pony?! But try to explain the allure to your friends who have not experienced Aiken as of yet. What is it that makes it so special?

A lot of us from Area 1 likely think of Aiken as an eventing community, however, there is something here for every discipline! Aiken is a community built almost in its entirety around horses. The Aiken Horse District, near to town, is an equestrian community filled with beautiful farms where the streets are unpaved and the horses have the right of way. You can ride through this beautiful area of town in the middle of the street! This area of town is also comprised of The Aiken Training Track, two polo fields, and The Aiken Horse Park (also known as Bruce’s Field). On February 23, you can sign up to ride your horse on the Aiken Training Track, where you can walk, trot or breeze your horse around the track! Where else can you have the opportunity to ride your horse on a bone fide racetrack? On February 28 and 29 is the Grand-Prix Eventing Showcase at Bruce’s Field, where International horses and riders will compete for $50,000.

Are you having fun in the sun down south this winter? We'd love to hear from you! Send us your news, show reports, lesson breakthroughs, or fun adventures. USEAArea1Newsletter@gmail.com