May 2019
Welcome to the first ACC Planning Update. This resource is meant to keep you informed of the planning across the diocese as well as give you resources to help you with your ACC plans.


Brenda Kresky
Use this grid to get started with your ACC Planning Council research by reflecting on and naming the activities in each parish. At your next council meeting when looking at the activities from all of the parishes, ask these questions: What are the strengths? Where are there areas of growth/challenge? What are our dreams for this area? To eliminate feeling overwhelmed, take one or two elements at a time.

Essential Element Grid (XLS)
As an ACC Planning Council you may need to discuss employment across multiple parishes. Here is a matrix which lists the current positions in each parish. Adjust the roles as needed. This may be a helpful visual when considering paid positions for the area.

Has your ACC planning council…

  • Met or have plans to meet before July 1?

  • Selected a chairperson that is NOT a priest? This person would work with the priests to set the agenda, remind members of the upcoming meeting, and facilitate the meetings.

  • Do you have a communication liaison named? This person would follow up with the communication strategy discussed at the meetings. 

Q: Are there terms for the ACC planning council members?

A: Thank you for saying yes to a commitment without knowing how long it would last. We are recommending a three year term that is renewable. It will be good to have the same group for the first few years as we begin to make plans for your area. Initially, having a consistent group will help move the conversation ahead. We recommend beginning a term rotation at the three year mark. 
Communication Reminders
  Have you put the names of the all the ACC planning council members in all of the parish bulletins? Do you let the wider parish know the date you are meeting?

  How do you plan on communicating the important parts of your discussion with the parishes at large? What is your communication strategy? Does it involve more than just putting information in the bulletin?

Mass attendance, in the diocese of St. Cloud, actually increases in the summertime.

In July of 2018, we had an average of 37,026 people attending Mass on the weekend; in October 2018, we had an average of 33,189 people. We have a total of 125,127 baptized Catholics, therefore, the percentage of Mass attendees is 30% and 27% respectively. Ten years ago we saw this same trend.

The percentages in 2008 were: July – 33%; October – 32%