Argentina: New visa and special benefits for digital nomads

By means of Provision No. 758/22, published in the Official Gazette on May 11th, the National Directorate for Migration (DNM, by its Spanish acronym) authorised the granting of temporary residence for a period of up to 180 days (in accordance with section 24, paragraph h) of Law No. 25. 871 and Regulatory Decree No. 616/10) to those foreigners nationals of countries that do not require a tourist visa to enter Argentine territory, for the purpose of providing services remotely through the use of computer, telecommunications or similar means, in favour of individuals or legal entities located abroad, known for this purpose as "digital nomads".

The following requirements are established for access to the temporary residence for "digital nomads":

(a) Application signed by the person concerned, indicating: personal data, independent work activities to be carried out. A brief Curriculum Vitae must be included, stating their experience in the field in which they are going to work and the level of studies or training they have attained;

b) Valid and current passport;

c) 4x4 photo;

d) Proof of your activity (contract, company guarantee or proof of application for employment, receipt of income or fees) and at least one reference related to your occupation;

e) Pay the fee for services, for applications made from abroad in the modality of "Electronic Entry Processing".

All information provided must be legalized and translated into Spanish language and shall be considered as a affidavit and shall be accredited at the time of registering the electronic entry procedure to the country (when completed from abroad) or the application for immigration regularization (if it is within the national territory).

The specific requirements indicated are established without prejudice to the general conditions demanded by the DNM.

Likewise, the DNM establishes the requirements to access the Extension of the "digital nomad" residence (the extension of stay will be granted for a single time and for a term identical to that of the temporary residence obtained):

a) Valid and current passport;

b) Proof of income received for the exercise of services rendered during the period of residence to be extended;

c) Certificate of criminal record issued by the corresponding entity;

d) To have stayed within the national territory for a period of not less than 50% of the period of residence to be extended;

e) Pay the fee for services.

Finally, it is provided that the application for residence, its extension or change of category, which is initiated under this provision, must be adapted to the procedures and requirements currently in force, in everything that is not expressly regulated by the present.

The entry into force of this measure shall take place 10 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

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