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"Suffer the little children to Come Unto Me and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:14

Jesus loves the children, and won their confidence. The Savior understood the cares/burdens of mothers who were seeking to train their children according to the Word of God. He comforted the Mothers, blessed their children,
and loved helping them resolve their perplexities.
      My overnight Flight out of USA was delayed for 3 hours. Arriving at 11am, driving 5 hours, and that very evening I spoke. God was so good in that He gave me all the energy and clarity I needed to deliver the message "The Fairy Wand Experience", which exposes that we are waiting for God to transform our character mystically without any effort on our part. While God is waiting for us to make a decision, subject ourselves to Him, resist the devil (James 4:7) and In Christ to be transformed in heart, and life. That's empowerment! We must learn this ourselves in order to teach and train our infants to teens of this power In Christ to obey.  
We did afternoon meetings and filmed them because, in many families both of the parents work and wouldn't be able to attend. So we made them available to all. Surprisingly we would have large groups of people attending the day and evening meetings anyway.
Some took the courage to talk with me through an interpreter and tell me what was new to them, what they tried, and how the principles of the Parenting Pyramid--which is bringing Christ into the equation of calling their infant, toddler, child, or teen into obedience was successful. Jesus wants to be our problem solver, and aid in their heart surrender. 
One mother said how surprised she was that she had never thought of turning to God to gain Wisdom on how to handle unwillingness in washing the dishes, or grumbling to help; weed in the garden, or clean the house. She was pleased to see how to lead her child to a decision to obey which is a surrender to Jesus in order for them to experience Divinity empowering their choices to obey. What a joy it is to have Jesus at your side guiding and directing you to bring your resisting child to Him to be empowered to obey. We need this experience! This wasn't just gaining outward obedience but was an inward heart changing seen in their disposition when Jesus came in. It was a thrill to many to find going to Jesus works loving surrender, making their home a well-ordered, well-discipline, Christ-centered home.  
During the day we scheduled in a lot of personal counseling on how to change their approaches to child rearing, their trials and difficulties and bring Christ into a real presence to help them manage it all. One story stands out.

A mother of three children was very weary, unhappy, and burdened. We talked about the DA chapter of God Blessing the Children and how He was there to be her Helper, to solve her perplexities. "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not."

But mother's heart was still very heavy, so discouraged and disgruntled over many matters. God nudged me to change the direction and inquire more of her own childhood upbringing. As a result, God revealed unresolved issues in her own heart towards her parent's imbalances in raising her. She had become the same as the offending parent was to her--she was doing the same unkindness to her children. And as a result her child was alienated, offended, and thus disrespectful and disobedient to her. She saw the real problem was in herself!

God was present and so gracious. She spent personal time with Christ, sorting through her history, yielding up her resentment, unforgiving spirit, and harsh ways of dealing with her children. She chose to follow Jesus, to trust He would empower her to change and to cooperate to think Jesus' way instead of her old strong ways. God graciously answered her prayers, changing her disposition as she cooperated. She found a new and exciting freedom in her soul as she yielded and replaced her old habits of thinking to God's perspective. She acted out His words, ways, and will instead. What a marvelous transformation and so quickly too.

In parenting we can only give what we ourselves know and possess. Now she can share this new life, this new experience with her child for his freedom! How important it is for us, the parent, to be In Christ in order to bring our "infants to teens" to Him to be blessed and changed inside as well. Christ indwelling brings us these advantages. Wow!! In Christ is freedom from the bondage of our flesh ruling over us. How much better to have Christ ruling in us instead! The dysfunction stops with me, here and now! We too must choose Christ.

Truly Disciplining / Parenting is Disciple-ing my child to Christ to be empowered to obey! Truly it begins with me!! God can work these principles in all of our families!

Sabbath was a truly high day with 2 morning services to conduct. Each had an attendance of 1,000 in the church, plus 2,000 at each service via video streaming as well. All the young families were a thrill to my soul. God gave me the words and the power from on high to help the people see the value and importance of our connection with Christ in order, to know how to teach the minds as well as train the wills of our children empowering them to obey. We covered the true exercise of the Will, Parenting Your Child, and Union and Communion With Christ. It was awesome to see God work.

Looking into the audience I could see people very attentive, people distraught, people wanting answers, people uncomfortable, people excited to hear the Christ-centered messages and God gave me words and ideas, to call each of them to Him for their solution. My heart was so drawn out to the people--that was Christ indwelling in me; loving them through me. God had me call them to a decision to come to know and follow Him. My mind even after a busy week was clear and concise, and to the point. That was Jesus working through me as His instrument to help His children in the audience. I know that was not me; but HIM!

My biggest thrill was to be God's instrument to reach out to draw His people unto Him. Making the messages as practical as I knew how, to give many the opportunity to experience God, return to primitive Godliness, and to be Christ-centered. When they come Under God's direction, they will experience Divine power attending their human effort and changing them on the inside. Nothing is more exciting than to be Christ's Disciple as a parent and see your children brought to Him, surrendered, subdued and recreated into His image moment by moment and day by day Under His guidance!! Parenting by the Spirit--what a privilege is ours.

It was fun making new friends and conversing on real issues. It was like working with my own grown children and grandchildren. Lord, make them all into "Parents Under God" that KNOW You personally, recognize Your inaudible voice to their conscience. Be their true Helper to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Be their Personal Teacher to teach practically their infants, children, teens and beyond to KNOW God personally themselves according to their understanding. May they taste and see Your Goodness!

We all have this God given mission in life. One man was inspired of God to translate my four parenting books into Spanish. Isn't God good!! It was a wonderful experience I wish you could all have been there to experience it! God is Good!

If you wish to listen to these translated messages go to which is the first message. You can go to the rest from here.

To God be the Glory,
                             Spring is all about a New Life In Him!!
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