Argentum Launches New Campaign for Additional Federal Support
Dear NCALA Member,

*You are encouraged to share this information with your peers and colleagues throughout the industry as you deem appropriate.*

Last week, NCALA sent out a detailed communication launching a new State Partner and Argentum campaign asking for additional federal support. The theme of this campaign is “Don’t Leave Assisted Living Behind, Again,” (see press release) underscoring the continued disparities in relief and support that has been made available to senior living, and the need to rectify it moving forward, including with the Phase 4 PRF payments.
Please take a moment to review and share it with your colleagues. Please also share our grassroots letter-writing campaign, linked on the Standing With Seniors Web site, which offers a pre-written message that can be instantly sent to the White House and Congress.
Additionally, to raise as much awareness as possible, we have also launched targeted billboard advertisements in a handful of states to get the attention of several key lawmakers. These states include Arizona, Delaware, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. These billboards are now up, including one located in Scranton, PA, ahead of President Biden’s trip later today.

We are also asking providers in every state to put up similar banners and yard signs in their communities, which read:
Heroes work here
Trillions in COVID Relief, but not for seniors in assisted living
and memory care
Don’t leave us behind again
We are calling on all of you to take part in this effort.

Our message is only conveyed to policymakers by making our voices heard, and that falls on each of us to not only take part individually but to share this as broadly as possible.

To help in this effort, please reach out to Frances Messer ( with a contact from your company to whom we can send banners and yard signs! Please let me know if you are interested in obtaining and displaying the signage in your communities, and we will make sure that you receive them. We all need to display these signs and banners at as many of our communities as possible!

Thanks in advance for your help with this campaign!