The "To Do"

Ever wonder what you would do with your Ariel Atom? Being a true Spyder, the Atom is known as one of the only exotics that gives you a true open motoring experience. Once you're in the car, the quick trip down to the local Cars & Coffee just isn't going to cut it...   

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"The Weekender"
One of the best uses for the Atom is hoping in and finding some "twisties". Whether it be canyons in the west or the rolling hills of the east - most Atom owners take a decent chunk out of their weekend finding that "perfect road" with a smile on their face the whole time. 
"The Commuter"  
Albeit a rare breed, we love seeing customers who attempt to use their Atom EVERYDAY! Although dodging potholes is like a game of minesweeper - we secretly envy guys who rack up the mileage on their Atom...       
"The Racer"
We have designed a track only version of the Ariel Atom - the Spec:RaceAtom (SRA). Not only does the SRA make a great track day car, there are events where you can race other SRA's. Click here for info...
"The Winners"  
  The Ariel Atom is one of the most dynamic sports cars available today. From Road to Track, other exotics have trouble keeping up with it. One team has taken advantage of this and travels the US for a good cause. The One Lap of America Ariel Atom competes in an event that consists of driving around the US and competing at different tracks. This year car owner/driver Jack Beachem and driver  Victor Leo won first in class and third overall in the Tire Rack - One Lap of America! One of their goals during this event is bringing awareness of Alzheimer's Disease through the Brock Yates Tribute Fund. Make sure to show your support by making contributions HERE.  
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Atoms in the Wild 
(We have started a new segment to showcase what the Ariel Atom is known for... Hitting the road! Email us  pictures of Atoms in the wild and/or photos of you and your Atom, we might showcase it here!)
 This week's submission plays on our write up of the One Lap of America Ariel Atom. The guys got to test out the water resistant Ariel Atom - with a trailer in tow!   
Used Spec:RaceAtom For Sale  
A newsletter exclusive! We are in the process of prepping this 2012 Spec:RaceAtom for sale. Email us if you have any questions and we will have the ad posted on our website shortly.      
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