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If you are new to transmissions I ask you to PLEASE read this link before taking in the actual offering.

There is nothing more imperative right now than genuinely living the truth that "THERE IS NO OTHER"! Whatever the appearance before us, it is ours not to separate and judge, rather to choose Love as the lens through which we see any appearance!

To this end, may we each one and collectively be delivered!  In Oneness.. Ariel


And what are the terms of your deliverance?
White light
the inclusion of all ways, all beings, all that is
my deliverance reverberates in the body of the One
from the myriad frequencies of light
into Kether white
may all beings be delivered
And what are the terms of your deliverance?
transmutation of duality
into its recumbent constituents
in light and sound, that is,
a unity
that includes innocence, failure, wonder, stupidity, grace, purity,
all perceptually splintered from intrinsically worthy
delivered to your doorstep
by the world of distinctions in the mind,
first step out of the Garden
that became cleaved still further
separated into time and space
tumbling headlong now, away from grace
infinite comparison of this and that
naturally segued into a round of
"justified" judgment that shaped reality
in its arrogant sureness of itself
as singular
until now,
our shared experience of reality is doubling back on itself
and seeing the joke of its original contraction
that we called separation from Source
instead of seeing the journey as one pulsation of the
life blood of the Divine Mother,
subtle circular movement within the mystery
of a timeless eternity of the celebratively
ribboned lifestream of Unity
and to this state may all beings be delivered.
What are the terms of your deliverance?
as a devotee of the present moment
empty chalice
of not knowing
raised in the name of the primal trust
that lives on the other side of surrender's gate
where the issue of enlightenment itself is laughingly dawdling
in the face of such simplicity
the mind is unable to grasp its divinity
because its apperception of its essential nature
is beneath what mind appears to be,
mystical simplicity
is the key to the realms you seek
but cannot find in the seeking,
for stillness hears, silence sees, adoration feels, wonder senses
the way of return and the terms of its deliverance
and to this end, may all beings be delivered.
And what are the terms of your deliverance?
mending the rupture of trust
the apparent loss of innocence
insensitivity did the best it could
and still you had eyes to see
love parceled out like stars on the foreheads of kindergartners
like there would never be enough for everybody
of anything
and so you generalized to larger containers
like consciousness
and decided that impatience and criticism were indeed justified
since there would never be enough...
meanwhile the opulent feast, lay rotting before us
seemingly just out of reach
"If only I could find the right partner"
supplanted by a more sophisticated "If only I could levitate"
"If only I could have a direct experience of the Divine"
overlooked in a flower
"If only I could be "there" now"
closing the door to the only moment
in which the amnesty of unconditional love and forgiveness
are even redundant
"If only I"....
then I could rest in the enlightened, soft, peace of the Mother
and be carried on her powerful life pulse
to wherever the mystery is flowing
and to this end may all beings be delivered.
What are the terms of your deliverance?
comfort midair in the jump
recognizing the play while IN it
simply by turning in your resignation
to the Need to Know department
and becoming transparent
to what is
opening the flume of
worlds flying by,
a fool's freedom
to recognize intrinsic perfection
trapeze artists are we
many hands reaching out to catch other hands
poised mid air,
present, empty,
breathing, sighing, surrendering, replying
with gentle resolve and strength
making a hand to hand chain
lifting, linking universes
into celebration of Kibriya
divine glory
through innocent trust
and to this end may all beings be delivered.
And what are the terms of your deliverance?
the willingness to apprehend it all,
take it all in
without defining or judging
feeling it all
without resistance
to the uncanny urgency of Love
to lead us to wholeness,
breaking the apparent container
to reveal its seminal nature
in simplicity
that provides a depth charge
spanning universes..
through inhabiting the now
and not just when boredom
has driven you to it,
but as loving adoration leaves no time for anything else..
as a self-organizing universe,
an adam kadmon
activated through innocence
to this end may all beings be delivered.

For a visual experience of what was just transmitted.. please see this video:

Through Ariel  
As this was freely given to me by the Divine, I give it to you, asking that if you copy it, please do so with crediting.

Dear Beloved ~
I am offering members a zoom call for "Post Transmission Reflections" which will be an opportunity for us to connect and share around the theme in the full moon transmission. This is an open forum for members to share our reflections, our wisdom, our art, poetry, our inquiries.. ..whatever your response is to the inquiry in the Transmission for that moon. We are shaping this new offering ourselves, so we will see what the collective of who is inspired to come participate, wants to bring into form and feel supported by in our spiritual journeys. 

We invite you to join this post transmission circle and become a member of our community at the Sanctuary. This is a community of diverse beings woven together in service to the One Heart. Together we are remembering and reemerging the Sacred Feminine to be seen and powerfully experienced in the world! 

In love and gratitude, please view more informa tion at our online temple:

Please join us on Wednesdays at 12pm NOON PACIFIC for our 
Post Transmission Reflection Circle:
Dec 6th 



Come together to celebrate what is REAL:
A sacred evening of connection
in sacred theater,
Sufi  dervish turning, Rumi poetry,
transmission, music, ceremonial enactment of
Winter Solstice
libations, food, dancing, fun!
Come share and care for each other!
A Sanctuary community event,
all genders and children who can hold ceremonial space welcome!
Saturday, December 16th, 2017
     Ceremony begins promptly at 6:30pm
Gates open at 6:00.


Sukhasiddhi Tibetan Foundation
771 Center Boulevard
Fairfax, CA 94930

We ask that you please register (rather than showing up at the last minute) so that we can have appropriate appetizer and champagne amounts!

All genders welcome and children 10 or older 
who can hold ceremonial space.

Planetary Priestess 13 Moon Virtual Mystery School  
February 2018- March 2019
Invitation to bring in the New Year Mythically
The way of the Priest/ess is the way of devotion... devotion to the divine unfoldment of the soul lotus blossoming, in herself and in all beings.
In these unparalleled times in our human history, the Priest/ess is being called to be the living embodiment of the Temple, to Be the Holy Grail, and to lift the Chalice high in the name of the One.
Ancient archetypes of the Divine Feminine are re-emerging in our collective consciousness.The Priestess is one of those archetypes. We are all being called to access Her power as she lives within each and every one of us.
Do you feel the call of your soul to serve?
Are you Ready Now to dive deeper into the practices of the Priestess and the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine?
As we align with the Awakened Divine Feminine
we will bring Harmony and Balance back to the Earth,
Creating Heaven on Earth.
The 13 Moon Mystery School is a self initiating entryway into the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine.  
Sarah Uma is an Ordained Priestess who has been the focalizer for 13 Moon Virtual Circles for the last 5 years. These virtual circles are unique in that they are small and intimate with no more than 13 initiates. You receive personal one-on-one mentoring with Sarah Uma who has mentored closely with Ariel Spilsbury for the last 15 years.
If you feel called to explore more please go to :
Sarah Uma is taking applications now and setting up interviews with possible initiates. Please e-mail her at: sarahuma33@gmail.com
                                  "If not you, who? If not now, when?"