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Happy Super Moon, Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse!!!
Stellar Alchemists Glass Bead Game Players
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Stellar Alchemists
...under the banner of the dragon in the stars forsworn,
to live a life dedicated to the awakening,
                                       to the alchemical transmutation of all matter
Naturally tuned to the resonant frequency of the great DNA serpents
That are now rising from the belly of our Mother
Raising the light quanta within Her waters, our blood,
Potentiating more expanded dimensional vibrations and realities,
That through the osmosis of Love held in Her waters,
held in the whirring, spiraling stars in our blood,
we are lifted up with Her,
the whales and dolphins,
singing the vibration,
the sound signature, the holy name in the planetary waters
of our Homecoming in the Sacred Garden of Earth
Sacred Mother, light our way to these birthing chambers,
These undulating tunnels of ecstatic light..
Show us the way of deeper surrender through
lifting your Lantern of Blue Stars
Lit from the few remaining embers of Divine Love's invitation here,
the Flame bursting into the awakening
of the flower of fire, Rosa Mystica in our blood,
bringing us to our senses
to re-kindle the Central blue white brazier fire,
igniting the United Rainbow Flame
In this flame of awakening,
we remember the Maya crystal star- keys,
sacred geometries and sound combined,
Cosmic Serpent's offering of the
Starcodes as reality bridges,
Quantum frequency phase shifters
on the back of the Snake of Ecstatic Emergence
Within the Grail
That is the spiral of our return path
Now, in the Cosmic Play,
we await the turning of the crystal star keys
that place the destiny card on the Great Glass Bead Game Table
of Human Consciousness,
shuttering into place in the circular mandala,
the sacred geometric created with the corridors of conjoined light frequency
held within the communion of the starry frequencies
carried by the Stellar Alchemist's eyes,
Star Maya trained to navigate the Timeship Star Codes
of the Eternal Now's Ecstatic Emergence
Through Stargate 33
In the Etheric Light Council Halls,
The Stellar Alchemist's already fully activated archetypal Selves
Playfully move the sacred geometries,
On the colorfully pulsing Glass Bead Game table,
Placing the Maya crystal star keys at portal nodes within the Star-grid Light Loom
(Upon which these Glass Bead Game Players are inexorably drawn
in fulfillment of an unknown but sacred trust)
That on Earth reveals and communicates the coded pattern of these keys
To their human, archetypal counterpart-Player's holodecks and hands,
Activating the butterfly etched within the interstellar light in their cells,
in the form of vibrational potency and comprehension
running through all frequency ranges,
that when finally innocently stand in this mandala
of the unknown, a pre-coded, patterned geometric,
is released into Her waters,
alchemically activating, through Grace, the transmutation of matter on Earth,
And into the new Golden Octave we are sung
Holy innocents leading the way to this New Dawning of the One..

Through Ariel  
As this was freely given to me by the Divine, I give it to you, asking that if you copy it, please do so with crediting.

Dear Beloved ~
I am offering members a zoom call for "Post Transmission Reflections" which will be an opportunity for us to connect and share around the theme in the full moon transmission. This is an open forum for members to share our reflections, our wisdom, our art, poetry, our inquiries.. ..whatever your response is to the inquiry in the Transmission for that moon. We are shaping this new offering ourselves, so we will see what the collective of who is inspired to come participate, wants to bring into form and feel supported by in our spiritual journeys. 

We invite you to join this post transmission circle and become a member of our community at the Sanctuary. This is a community of diverse beings woven together in service to the One Heart. Together we are remembering and reemerging the Sacred Feminine to be seen and powerfully experienced in the world! 

In love and gratitude, please view more informa tion at our online temple:

Please join us on Wednesdays at 12pm NOON PACIFIC for our 
Post Transmission Reflection Circle:
February 7, 2018

Happy Imbolc

I mbolc has arrived! In the Goddess' turn of the wheel, we now move to the counterquarter of Imbolc that falls between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. That fresh energy of waking up as we notice the days staying lighter a little longer, lambs in the fields frolicking and the first of the snowdrops emerging their pearly heads through the frost to gladden the heart. How glorious to see flowers again! It seems so long since we were blessed with stem and petal growing randomly in their clumps amongst the bare trees. Mother Earth begins to hear the heart song of the sun like a lover kissing the beloved so she may join him and languidly uncurl from winter's sleep.

The Festival of Imbolc or Imbolg - pronounced without the 'b' sound - is sometimes known as Oimelc, means 'ewe's milk' - named due to the birth of the first lambs at this time, and celebrates the return of fresh milk. It is the celebration of the gradual dawning of increasing light, bringing nature to life again. For Imbolc we celebrate the Waking Light of the soul. Our spirits begin to quicken as we anticipate the rebirth of Nature. This celebration commemorates the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden. The Goddess is seen in Her three aspects at Imbolc, as the new-born Flower Maiden; the Mother, or bride of fertility, awaiting the fertilizing Sun God, and the Dark Crone of the dark half of the year.  The sun is growing in strength, the Child of Promise, re-born at Yule, is now the growing Child. All is pregnant and expectant. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Imbolc is a 'fire festival'. Particular attention was paid to the hearth fire and keeping it alight. Imbolc marks the transition and transformation from death to rebirth, as the light of day grows significantly longer and you can be assured that Spring is right around the corner. At this time the animal world comes out of hibernation, the birds fly north again. This is a very holy day for initiations of the priests and priestesses and a day to devote yourself to the God/dess and your own spiritual path. This is also a very powerful time for intuitive and visionary work and to seek inspiration, especially for healers, poets, and artists. At this time if you really tune in, you can just begin to feel and sense the "inner stirrings", the seeds beginning to stir, and the inner light growing stronger.

It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old, makImbolc is a gateway indicating work to be done inside and outside ourselves before action is undertaken!

This is the time of Bridie, Maiden Goddess in her seasonal aspect of the land awakening. She strikes the land with her fiery staff, creating a shout in nature..'wake up, wake up!' The promise of spring is still a distant echo clinging to winter's chill, but we are feeling the awakening even so... This is the time of Imbolc, a fire season on the great wheel, when the year is as young as a maiden and awakening. Imbolc means 'ewes' milk' and in ancient times our ancestors would bless the land with the first of the ewes' milk, asking the Mother Goddess for a fertile crop for the coming year. It is a time for all things beginning anew. Growth, manifestations and projects begin to take on the energy of form.  All things can begin again.

Want to Co-Create Spring Equinox with us?

If you feel inspired to assist in co-creating a joyful Spring Equinox Community Celebration, please email us soon at - sanctuaryopenheart@gmail.com