Arielle Pytka
We've all encountered "that" person. With merely a glance, they've somehow managed to embody a state of cool elusive to the rest of us. Not manufactured cool, not ostentatious cool, just cool. Shortly thereafter, you actually spend time with them, and the illusion fades. That's not the case with our next artist.

With Arielle Pytka, you'll find not only does she embody the cool we all aspire to, but she happens to be incredibly nice, even self-deprecating. She doesn't boast or brag. She always has a kind (and wise) word to say, in such a way that marks her soul as old despite her barely 30 years (in this life). She'd likely even blush if you started listing her accolades: professional surfing, photography, commercial director, sailor, to name a few. Oh, and yeah, she drives an El Camino and has a dog named Elvis... 

As for her art, Arielle is seriously talented. Talented in a way that allows her to jump from media to media as easily as she does scale. Maybe it's because she worked professionally as a lighting tech - many would claim understanding light is what makes good art great. Maybe it's that she has traveled around the world and lives between Venice, California, and Paris, France. Culture will do that to you. Allow you to see things differently. Marry culture with talent, and you convey thought into art. Said another way, you have Arielle. 

If you have large spaces and want an artist who can not only deliver but also wow the CEO of whatever hotel group you are designing for, Arielle is who you need to call. Please book an appointment at her Venice studio. See her vintage refrigerator installation (the refrigerators' photos are what you wish yours looked like). Or, go see her large-scale pieces, "Archipelago" and "Ring of Fire," among our favorites. The worst thing that can happen is you are exposed to amazing art. The best, you get to spend a little time with a genuinely awesome person.  


Arielle Pytka Bio
Arielle Pytka is an American and French painter, photographer, and filmmaker. She resides between Los Angeles and Paris. Her artwork has appeared in multiple solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Indonesia, and Miami during Art Basel. She has worked professionally as a lighting and drum technician for touring bands in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Pytka has also worked as a motion picture camera assistant leading her to direct her own projects. Arielle has directed music videos and commercials that have appeared on national television. An avid surfer and sailor, she was a member of the Quicksilver/Roxy surf team and has completed two transatlantic crossings crewing on a vintage sailboat. Her sailing team has won the 2015 Panerai Transatlantic Classique, Les Voiles De Saint Tropez, 2008 Falmouth Pendennis Cup, Fife Regatta in Scotland, and many others. Arielle is now working out of her studio in Venice Beach, California.

Select Large Scale Works
"Big Parachute"
15'3" x 12'11"
"Yellow Watermarks"
76" x 11'4"
"Jungle Lagoon"
8'8" x 6'
"Horse Skeleton"
18'8" x 76"
& "Archipelago"
6'x8'6"/6'x8'6" & 6'x12'
"Ring of Fire" &
11'1"x6'4" & 6'x8'6"/6'x8'6"
18' x 72"
13'7" x 11'9"
11'3" x 16'
"Piazza San Marco"
13'8" x 70"
Select Works
"Roses Profile"
87" x 76"
"Pope Castillo"
17" x 20"
"Black Roses 1&2"
18" x 36" (each)
7" x 5"
"DTLA Green Light"
"DTLA Red Light"
31" x 31" / 31" x 31"
50" x 36"
"Fernando de Noronha"
72" x 60"
"Two Dozen Roses"
2' x 3' each
"Rose A1"
2' x 3'
"Rose A9"
2' x 3'
And finally... Refrigerators
Thank you Arielle!