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Arizona Legislature Allocates $1 Million to State Arts Commission



Dear advocates,


We are extraordinarily pleased to announce that as a result of a huge bipartisan effort in the Arizona Legislature, the FY14 state budget signed by Governor Janice K. Brewer includes an additional $1 million for the Arizona Commission on the Arts.


This is a significant restoration of funding the general fund appropriations the Arts Commission lost during the budget crisis of the last five years.  It was the result of long-term dedicated effort by arts-friendly legislators, members of the Arizona Commission on the Arts and arts advocates like you across our state.


The $1 million will come  from the interest earned on the state's so-called "rainy day fund." Under the amendment first conceived by Senator Steve Farley, D-Tucson, Arizona State Parks also will receive $1 million for capital projects to restore and repair parks facilities.

The new Arts Commission funding is in addition to the approximate $1.4 million received from the Arts Trust which is derived from a portion of business fees paid to the Arizona Corporation Commission.  


According to Arts Commission chair, Mark Feldman, "This landmark funding will be applied to the Arts Commission's statewide grantmaking activities, which catalyze nonprofit arts organizations, community groups and schools to provide opportunities for Arizonans to participate in and experience the arts. New funding will not be applied to agency operations." (Click here for the Chair's full statement.)


While this is a one-time appropriation, it is a major step forward in changing how arts and culture are perceived at the Legislature. This is the most positive thing to happen in the recent memory and it would not have been possible without the relationships that advocates like you have built up with our legislators over the last several years.


Now, we need your help to thank the legislators who made this possible.


Throughout the process, Senator Farley, a member of the Arizona Citizens Action for the Arts board, championed this amendment with strong support from State Senators John McComish, Steve Pierce and Michele Reagan, and State Representatives Ethan Orr, Karen Fann, Kate Brophy McGee (also an AzCAA board member) and Bob Robson.


This core group was joined by the other Republican legislators who joined with the Democratic caucus to pass the Arts and Parks amendment along with Governor Brewer's budget and Medicaid expansion plan.  


Please take some time today, to contact the following members of the Legislature who chose to stand up for Arizona arts and culture, and thank them restoring funding for the remarkable contributions arts and parks make to local jobs and businesses, tourism, quality of life and education of our young people.


State Senate Members


Steve Pierce, R-1, 

Linda Lopez, D-2,

Olivia Cajero Bedford, D-3,

Lynne Pancrazi, D-4,

Jack Jackson Jr., D-7,

Barbara McGuire, D-8,

Steve Farley, D-9,

David Bradley, D-10,

Rich Crandall, R-16,

John McComish, R-18,

Anna Tovar, D-19,

Michele Reagan, R-23,

Katie Hobbs, D-24,

Bob Worsley, R-25,

Ed Ableser, D-26,

Leah Landrum Taylor, D-27,

Adam Driggs, R-28,

Steve Gallardo, D-29,

Robert Meza, D-30,



House of Representative Members

Rosanna Gabald�n, D-2,

Sally Ann Gonzales, D-3,

Macario Saldate IV, D-3,

Juan Carlos Escamilla, D-4, 

Lisa Otondo, D-4,

Doris Goodale, R-5, ,

Jamescita Peshlakai, D-7,

Albert Hale, D-7,

Frank Pratt, R-8,

T.J. Shope, R-8,

Victoria Steele, D-9,

Ethan Orr, R-9 ,

Stefanie Mach, D-10,

Bruce Wheeler, D-10,

Heather Carter, R-15,

Doug Coleman, R-8,

Jeff Dial, R-18,

Bob Robson, R-18,

Lupe Chavira Contreras, D-19,

Mark A. Cardenas, D-19,

Chad Campbell, D-24,

Lela Alston, D-24,

Juan Mendez, D-26, ,

Andrew Sherwood, D-26,

Ruben Gallego, D- 27,

Catherine H. Miranda, D-27,

Kate Brophy McGee, R-28,

Eric Meyer, D-28,

Mart�n J. Quezada, R-29,

Lydia Hern�ndez, D-29, 

Jonathan Larkin, D-30,

Debbie McCune Davis, D-30,  


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