J a n u a r y
Happy New Year!!!
Fun facts about the New Year around the world.
The Roman Catholic Church was the one to adopt 1 st of January as the New Year.

1 st January was accepted as New Year in 46 BC by Julius Caesar.

New Year gifts also date back to ancient times when the Persians used to gift eggs symbolizing productivity.

In Australia’s Sydney Harbor, the shoreline stretching 40 miles is crowded by more than a million people just for watching the fireworks show.
Japanese eat long noodles on New Year. Long noodles signify long life.

Greece, Mexico and Netherlands go for ring-shaped pastries and cakes which signify that the year has come to a full circle.

The dropping of the New Year Ball is actually pretty new tradition that started only in 1907. Though currently the ball is made of Waterford Crystal, it was originally made of wood and iron.
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Wishing You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!