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Carpetbag Brigade is in Arizona and Global Stilt Congress is in full swing!

Global Stilt Congress - Aerial Stilts Workshop

Check out thi s article in the Huffington Post about Global St ilt Co ngress: "Global Stilt Congress, A Tsunami of Transcultural Expression at Arcosanti".

The roots of our work are here in Arizona and we are happy to be back in the dry heat of the southwest after our summer journeys. There are lots of public events coming up starting with the Arco-Tsunami Festival on the 10th and 17th of October where you can catch the cutting edge of acrobatic stilt performance and see an international cast of performers conduct a site specific procession on the grounds of Arcosanti. 

Later in the month we work with choreographer Kelly Keenan to research new material, which will be presented as a work in progress at the Tom Von Deck resurrected Tsunami on the Square on October 24th. You will see us around 8:00 pm that evening. 

Christopher Mankowski and Jay Ruby teach a butoh / text / song workshop at the Flying Nest on October 25 and at the end of the month Jay Ruby presents his new solo work in Prescott and Flagstaff.

Global Stilt Congress Participants

Jay Ruby and The Carpetbag Brigade


October 10 & 17th

The Arco-Tsunami festival is a two weekend festival of open air and site responsive performance at Arcosanti, Arizona just under an hour north of Phoenix, Arizona.

Hosted by The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater company the  Arco-Tsunami festival integrates the pioneering edge of acrobatic stilts with ensemble theater practice. See shows, learn stilts, be apart of our community.
Leading into Arco-Tsunami, the Carpetbag Brigade will be hosting the   Symposium of Spectacle Based Drama 
Artists, Academics and Students explore and examine the creative process and impact of spectacle based drama in contemporary society with interactive workshops, a panel discussion , artist demonstrations and a keynote address from  Laura Anderson BarbataTickets available online today at Brown Paper Tickets 


See "Callings" and "Flexion" 
State of the art acrobatic stilt performance art at Arcosanti 

October 10th - 2:30 pm - Symposium of Spectacle Based Drama
A Panel Discussion hosted by Rachel Bowditch
Keynote address from Laura Anderson Barbata 

 An international crew of acrostilters leads spectators through 
Arcosanti's aesthetic environment in a unique choreographic journey with music from Will Duncan, Mercedes Bahleda, Inesis Vitols & Meg Bohrmann 
and spoken word + afterparty from DJ Logan Dirtyverbs

October 24th - The return of Tsunami on the Square in Prescott, AZ
Once upon a time, Carpetbag Brigade hosted this event. We are curious about Tom Von Deck's resurrection of the event and will present a new work in progress that is the result of our new stilt movement research with Kelly Keenan. See us at 8 pm

 Workshop with Jay Ruby & Christopher Mankowski 
butoh / text / song @ The Flying Nest Studio

October 30th & 31st - 7:30 pm   "Fayettenam" @ The Flying Nest Studio in Prescott, AZ 
New solo work from Carpetbag Brigade's Jay Ruby
Early Settlement, Ghosts in the Mountain & Johnny Appleseed

November 1st - 6:00 pm Jay Ruby presents "Fayettenam" in Flagstaff at the Coconino Center for the Arts

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