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ArkBar Members
The Arkansas Bar Association (ArkBar) has selected  Delivery Trust® as the preferred email security solution for all association members to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements to protect their client and member sensitive communications.
Delivery Trust ®  by Identillect Technologes is the simplest way to secure your sensitive email communications. Connect with them today to learn more about what tools can best protect your practice.

E-Mail Security at your Fingertips!

35% OFF
Through March
Delivery Trust®

Arkbar has secured a 35% discount for members, through the month of March, to easily and affordably ensure their client communications via email remain private and your firm’s reputation intact.
Be sure to enter code
[ARBR35 ] at checkout to save!
Delivery Trust® email security by Identillect was designed to keep attorney-client digital communications private, simple, seamless and affordable. It is Identillect’s belief a successful email security solution shouldn’t be complex, but rather reinfor cing the trust you have developed to create a lasting client relationship.

Delivery Trust® Key Features:
  • Compliant with all industry, state & federal regulations, including eDiscovery & ABA
  • Accessible via Outlook, O365, Gmail & mobile-optimized web portal
  • Secures messages, attachments & responses
  • No recipient registration or downloads needed
  • Control unwanted printing, forwarding, downloading and set message expirations
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See for yourself why Delivery Trust Email Security is ranked the #1 solution by user reviews . Reach out to Identillect to learn how they can help your practice today.

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