Under the old system, the Attorney General would issue opinions certifying or rejecting ballot titles. These opinions, and all other opinions, were regularly emailed out to the public and posted on the AG's website and included the name of the person submitting the proposal.

Act 376 did not establish a public notification process for the Secretary of State to follow. However, the Secretary of State's Office has since posted on its website a copy of the petition and ballot title filed for a proposed amendment to change Arkansas' legislative term limits after the new law was passed.

The backers of Issue 3 on the 2018 ballot have filed with the Secretary of State to start collecting signatures for another try at the ballot in 2020. (Issue 3 was struck from the ballot and votes were not counted).The group's new proposal, filed March 14, is also named the Arkansas Term Limits Amendment.

This proposal has the same name as the Senate-proposed amendment making its way through the process at the Capitol, but would have a much different outcome if it is passed by voters.